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CHINESE FOOD and RESTAURANTS – A Very Personal Decision and Preference

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Personal PreferencesPersonal preferences are unique to the individual.  Hence, they’re personal.  And when it comes to preference in Chinese food, and Chinese restaurants, those preferences are most definitely unique.  The Chinese Quest has their own system to express our individual and group reviews of the Chinese restaurants we review.  And Mee Rich Yee, in this article, presents his point of view.  You’ll see that there’s overlap.  And you’ll see that there are differences in our approach. That, my friends, is what makes the world go around.

Like most things in life, which Chinese restaurant is your personal favorite, and which one is the one for you is often a very personal decision. How often have you gone to any restaurant, movie or show, that either critics or friends of yours raved about, and discovered that you really didn’t agree? How often have you walked away from a movie that was rated 3 ½ or 4 stars, and wondered what these people were thinking about, or Were you watching the same movie? The same is absolutely true when it comes to eating Chinese food, or enjoying a particular Chinese restaurant. Some of these reasons that there are differences of opinion when it comes to this, include:

  1. How important is atmosphere to you? How about the level of service, or the décor? Or is your primary concern whether you like the taste of the food?
  2. Price – Some equate price, either with the quality, or tend to shy away from a place because they feel it is too pricy.
  3. Style of Food – Some like spicier, some less spicy. Some prefer Szechuan, some Mandarin, some Cantonese, and others Hunan, or another style? That’s personal preference.
  4. Comfort Zone – What you’re used to, and what you desire?
  5. Authenticity – Some seek what they believe is more genuine, while others seek more conventional.
  6. Size of establishment – In fact, as they say, Size counts. Some like larger places with more hustle and bustle; some prefer neighborhood places; others prefer Chinatown or Flushing. There’s no right or wrong, just personal preference!
  7. Type of food – Some enjoy being exotic and trying new and different things, while others do not. Some go for more fish dishes, while others despise that! Some prefer fowl (chicken, duck, etc.), while others are beef eaters.
  8. Taste Buds – Not everyone has gourmet taste.
  9. Snob Appeal– Some become overly impressed because of the opinions of others or critics or the size of the crowds. Some seek the designer chef.
  10. It’s up to you! Listen to what others say, but decide for yourself!

This doesn’t mean that I will stop giving my opinion about Chinese restaurants (ask my wife, Mee Pee Wee C, and she’ll tell you it’s nearly impossible to get me to stop opining about almost anything!). It just means, it’s my humble (or perhaps not quite so humble) opinion, only! So go forth and simply enjoy whatever Chinese food you like, because it’s what you like!

Mee Rich Yee   nee Richard Brody

(MM: To read other articles published by our guest author, Richard Brody, please click here)

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