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Best Chinese Restaurant on Long Island – It’s a Secret!

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The Secret is in the Formula

What is the best Chinese restaurant on Long Island and New York City?  We’re pretty sure we haven’t found it yet.  But, we have posted a host of Chinese restaurant reviews, and also an ordered Ranking of Chinese restaurants on both Long Island and Queens.  How we derived those ratings is the subject of this article.


Like a good chef who keeps their recipes a secret, so is our formula for calculating our ratings in determining the best Chinese restaurant on Long Island (or Queens, or wherever we go).  Well, ours isn’t the world’s best kept secret, for we really put it right there out in the open on each of our Chinese restaurant review scorecards and as reflected in the chart on our Official Chinese Quest rankings of Chinese restaurants.

But, we are curious if you agree with our methods.  Both the metrics (the six distinct measurements we take of each Chinese restaurant) and the weights we assign to each metric to come up with a weighted rating.   Please share your thoughts by posting a comment.

Here are the metrics that we rate Chinese restaurants on:

  • Taste – To us, this is the most important metric.  If it doesn’t taste good, what’s the point?  We could do a blind taste test.  It all boils (or stir fries) down to the taste.  Without taste, it just wouldn’t be right.  And if it’s not right, then it’s NOT Chinese Quest worthy.
  • Presentation – Now dazzle our eyes.  This is the WOW! factor.  Let our eyes feast over your dishes.  Bonus points if you get us to drool 😉
  • Aroma – Time to close your eyes, and just let your nostrils savor the scents and spices.  If you can make our noses… well, let’s not go there.  But, we want all of our senses to be titillated when we spend our hard earned shekels on something.  Especially our food.  You know, Jews and their food!  Are you hungry yet?
  • Creativity – We like to experience something new once in a while.  We like it when the Chef dazzles us with their brilliance, and dare I repeat it, creativity!
  • Service – When Mee’s go out, Mee’s want to be treated like Royalty.  Treat us (and that goes for everyone) like they’re special, and that will go a long way to making our dining experience pleasurable, and increase the likelihood we would return to that Chinese restaurant again.  And again.
  • Jew Appeal – For the full definition of what this mean, please read our article “What is Jew Appeal?

What do you think of the factors we consider when we review Chinese restaurants?  Would you add any?  How would YOU rate each of these elements?  We came up with our rating system to review Chinese restaurants as it seemed logical to us.  We want to hear your thoughts now.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum   (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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