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The Rich History and Culture of Chinese Cuisine

Traditional Chinese Dish

Chinese cuisine is a rich and diverse cuisine that has a long history. Each region of China has its own unique style of cooking, and the dishes that are popular in one region may not be as popular in another. Read about each region and cuisine. Why not try your favorite cuisine at a Chinese restaurant or be bold and try different Chinese cuisines. The Chinese Quest is your gateway and road map, to the world of Chinese restaurants, with our unbiased reviews of Chinese restaurants.

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5 Debunked Myths On Chinese Cuisine

The Chinese culture has already taken the world by storm with its yummy foods and cuisines. Because of that, people tend to believe things about Chinese food that actually turn out to be misconceptions, whether they’re plain silly or simply incorrect. But can you really trust these myths?

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Are You Hungry for Some Chinese Food?


You just ate some great Chinese food thanks to one of The Chinese Quest's recommendations. You had some Carvel Ice Cream to complete your most sumptuous meal. An hour later your stomach is yearning for yet MORE food!! Why?? Here's why!

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Speaking of Chinese Food


Speaking of Chinese food, The Chinese Quest is not the only people talking about it. Read all of these quotes from celebrities far and wide. I'm sure most will strike a chord with you. What's your favorite line, or quote, about Chinese food?

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Chinese Food and Feng Shui


Most of us think that Feng Shui is only for living spaces. However, Feng Shui is meant for food also. So, the next time you dine out for Chinese food, please take all this in to consideration...

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