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“Ping’s” Chinese Restaurant – Name That Dim Sum!

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I met a colleague this afternoon for lunch near his business in Elmhurst, New York.  He offered a few suggestions as to where we could eat, as there are many ethnic options in that area.  When he came to “Chinese Food”, I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough!   And when he suggested “Ping’s” at 8302 Queens Boulevard, well, that just clinched it.  I had been there in about 20 years, so I was really looking forward to seeing if it was as I remembered it.  It was.  I think the waiters were the same as well.

We got there in time for Dim Sum.  Trying to blend in with all the Asians, we opted to have that for lunch rather than ordering off the menu like the table next to us.  Everyone else, of course being Asian, was having Dim Sum.  

Being familiar with Dim Sum, and the service of pushy waitresses pushing everything on their carts, we knew we’d be in for a treat.  But, we didn’t exactly know how much of a treat, or WHAT a treat it would be.  Though they have a menu of Dim Sum choices at every table, the waitresses speak no English, and even pointing to what we wanted on the menu didn’t deter them from putting on our table whatever we wanted. 

When we asked what they were, darned if we could understand what they said.  Only one dish we could understand what it contained, Intestines.  Lucky for us they understood enough English, or could read our body language, when we declined that offering, they did remove it from our table.

Here’s were we need YOUR help!  What follows are four of the dishes we had.  YOUR job is to help identify what each dish is.  Sadly, I don’t know.  So, we are trusting YOU to tell us.  Please post your answers (or guesses) in the comments at the bottom of the post.

Please identify these Dim Sum dishes:


Dim Sum #1


Dim Sum #2


Dim Sum #3


Dim Sum #4

Is Ping’s Quest-worthy?  I would definitely say it is.  This is the first time I’ve been there for Dim Sum.  All the other times I was there was for Dinner.  And I’m curious to see if dinner is as good as I remember it.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. Hey, this sounds quite adventurous, and no, I can’t tell what your dishes were, but most of it looks good 😉

    You know, it happened to me once that I was in a Chinese restourant and the waitress couldn’t speak English. This happened in Dublin, I was in a Chinese restaurant with a friend, and unwittingly, we ordered from the ‘Chinese’ menu (there was a Western-friendly menu we didn’t see).
    My friend chose a chicken dish. the waitress said something to her, but neither of us could understand. Only, when the girl left, my friend turned to me with wide eyes and said, “Did she say dog?”
    I couldn’t deny, I thought I hear that too.
    My friend said, “There’s dog on the menu”
    I said, “Yes, I know. But sure she wouldn’t bring dog to us. She would know we’re not going to eat it.”
    When the dish came, it didn’t look like chicken. My friend had a morsel and said, “Doen’t taste like chicken and it doesn’t look like chicken. It’s dog. I’m going to be sick.”
    I said, “It isn’t dog. Just keep calm.”
    In the end, she called a manager who told us what she got was chicken, but a particular kind foraing to Europe, with big bones and different taste. That was what the waitress had been trying to tell her.

    Let me tell you, that was the weirdest Chinese meal I ever had 🙂

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