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Farewell to the Palace of Wong

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Today we gathered to celebrate, and not mourn, the closing of the Palace of Wong in Rockville Centre, NY.  One of the last bastions of pure Cantonese cuisine on Long Island, after nearly half a century, 48 years to be exact, the Palace of Wong served their last diners last night night.  Today, they opened their doors to the patrons who adored this restaurant for generations.  The love for the Wong Family, and their love of the customers and friends was evident by the tears that were free flowing to the exchange of thanks and hugs between all who made many memories here through the years.


The Palace of Wong opened in 1967 by current owner and Manager, David Wong’s father and has maintained their loyal following throughout the years.  The time, they said, had come to step back, and though they will miss their restaurant and their friends, it was, as they said, time to move forward and embrace retirement.


The Chinese Quest had the pleasure of dining at the Palace of Wong this past Chinese New Year’s.  And it was crystal clear to us why this Chinese restaurant stayed, nay thrived” all these years.


Some of the many comments that were posted on the Palace of Wong’s Facebook page:

The Weeks Family will miss your amazing food. When my mother passed away you sent us food which helped me so much feed a ton of family. Your father ushered the 8:30 service at church with my grandpa and you now use her with my father Carl. Please don’t stop your ushering we all live seeing you at church. And for the next chapter in your life enjoy retirement David you have earned it.


So very sad to hear this. Best steamed dumplings, pupu platters, shrimp toast, ribs, hot and sour & wonton soups, sweet and pungent chicken, double delight and Shanghai shrimp… and last but not least dessert and fortune cookies.. Yum!! Thanks for the memories.. Wishing you all the best Dave!! We will miss you and your wait staff.. Genuine gentlemen.


Wow! We are devastated. There isn’t a restaurant that can ever take its place. The best food, the best management (David), the best waiters, and the best ambiance. This is young to leave a huge rear in the fabric of our lives. No more Sunday nights at the Palace! …. very sad!


Goodbye to the Palace of Wong, the Wong Family, the staff, and memories.  You may be leaving.  But, you’ll never be forgotten.


If you have memories of the Palace of Wong, please share them in the comments below.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. I loved that place!!!!! We went there starting in the mid seventies. One of the last honest to goodness Chinese Restaurants. It’s where I had shrimp with lobster sauce for the first time. Their wonton soup was the best.

    • So sad, isn’t it? How often did you go?

      • Growing up I would say weekly…..once I moved away from Long Island it was less frequent. However, every time I came to visit my Dad in Rockville Centre we always went to Palace of Wong. I was last there about a month before they closed. I was so glad that I was able to take my own children there so that they could experience one of my favorite childhood memories.

        • Jolie,

          I only had the privilege of eating there once. And you could tell just from that one time how much the restaurant was loved by their neighbors.

          And if that didn’t convince me, when I went to the Customer Appreciation Day the day after they closed, the love between the customers and the owner… and between the owners and the staff, was the stuff that makes even sadder that the Palace of Wong is no longer with us.

  2. David’s was the last traditional New York style sit down Chinese comfort food restaurant in my area, that I have grown up with, and will miss.

    Needless to say I’m not a fan of “Asian Fusion,” no offense to the competitor down the block. You can’t be everything to everybody.

    The restaurant business isn’t what it used to be, given the economic climate. Many good restaurants in RVC have come, and gone. It’s hard work, and I’ve seen David in action.

    David, Congratulations on your retirement, now you can enjoy Football.

  3. Sadly, I don’t have any memories, but it sounds like a place I would have enjoyed immensely. It’s so sad when a well-loved restaurant closes, but best wishes to the Wongs and may they enjoy their retirement.

    • Rene,

      We were only there once, but it was crystal clear from the reaction of their closing and the turn out at the “Farewell Celebration” that they were truly loved, and the Palace of Wong was loved by all those who ever dined there.

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