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[GRAND OPENING] Thai’s Asian Cuisine

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The following guest article was submitted by Norman, an ardent long time follower of, and now guest author on, The Chinese Quest.  Norman has sent us many e-mails, and with a little encouragement, he’s now on a roll with his fourth guest article.  As a little background, we “met” Norman over a year ago when he started e-mailing us religiously with commentary on most of our articles.  He has relayed many interesting stories, but none more touching than when he told us about his beautiful wife, who he’s now been married to for over 55 years and how they were going to celebrate their 55th Anniversary by having dinner at Pearl East in Manhasset.  We so wanted to join them that evening, but alas it wasn’t in the stars.  We can only hope that we will get to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary with them at a Chinese restaurant of their choosing courtesy of The Chinese Quest!

Norman, and his wife, never miss the opportunity to check out a new Chinese restaurant.  And when they saw that Thai’s Asian Cuisine was having their Grand Opening, well they just had to go!  This is their story…

 Thai’s Asian Cuisine

249-11 Northern Blvd  (opposite Stop & Shop)

Little Neck, Queens, NY 11362



I liked the lunch so I paid in cash! The menu was bilingual: Chinese and English; and there were chopsticks at all table settings. The people running the place were Chinese, and we were the only Caucasian diners when we arrived.

On our trip to China we spent a week in Beijing, a week in the countryside and a week in Thailand. Fortunately this Thai restaurant was not heavy-handed with the spices. What we ate was delicious!

We started with Roti Canai (an Indian dish) and then we shared a combo dish and Basil Beef. As in Thailand a heaping portion of white rice was included. In Thailand the restaurant was on the Marriott property and was all foreign to us. We cruised the tables and pointed to what we wanted. When the food arrived we were the center of attention. Everybody watched us to see if we could tolerate the spiciness. We did and ate plenty of rice to calm our taste buds down.

The staff at Thai’s was attentive and the food was served HOT. It is their grand Opening and we hope that they are successful.


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  1. Nice article. I love Thai food as well. Just getting a really long list for the next time I am in NYC.

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