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[REVIEW] “OK Ryan”, Flushing, NY

OK-Ryan-MenuOK Ryan, So Nu? So?  It was OK.  Just like the name said.  If it wasn’t true, they couldn’t have named themselves that, could they?  But, I feel that there is more to the name than that.  And the story behind the name, will be a story for another day.  So, where were we?  Oh yes, we were at a Chinese restaurant in Flushing, New York by the name of OK Ryan.

OK Ryan is located in a strip mall at 41-4 College Point Blvd, Flushing, NY 11355, next to a Dunkin Donuts (which unfortunately didn’t have a Baskin Robbins associated with this particular Dunkin Donuts, so we had to find our ice cream at our usual haunt, Carvel… but, that is getting ahead of ourselves already.

So, let’s start back at the beginning.  There’s free parking in front of the restaurant… a rarity in Flushing for sure.  But, don’t forget to get your voucher from the Manager and display it in your windshield lest you get a ticket.  The restaurant itself is rather small.  Which didn’t matter this day as there weren’t too many dine in patrons.  The restaurant itself was clean, as attested to by it’s “A” rating from the New York City Department of Health.  The restroom too was clean (yes, restroom.  Not plural.  A one-seater for both sexes… which ever you are).

The waitstaff was EXTREMELY friendly and was glad to recommend their best dishes for us to try.  For the six of us, Mini Maxie Biao Mee joined us this evening for his first taste of The Chinese Quest, we ordered a LOT of food.  Seven dishes to start with (eight if you count that fact that we ordered two servings of the ribs).  We polished them all off, and we were still hungry.  That says something about the lightness of their dishes.  By the way, the style of Chinese food is Taiwanese cuisine.  A first for The Chinese Quest.  Not too spicy.  So, still hungry, we ordered two more dishes.  Those additional dishes served our bellies well, and were probably the best two dishes of the entire meal.

Let’s get down to the meat (and fish, and vegetables too) of our meal.  ALL the food came out at once (well, the first seven dishes).  That’s very typical of a lot of Chinese restaurants.  We need to make a mental note to ask them to space out the service so that we can sample each dish, and rate each dish, on it’s own merit.

We had:

Beef and Broccoli – at the special request of Mini Maxie Biao Mee, who just loves his broccoli.  This was a surprisingly, to Mee, good dish and disappeared in no time.

Smoked Duck – As to be expected, it was quite fatty.  Yet, I found it to be delicious. AND smokey! Well, smoked.  Nice flavor I thought.

Crispy Chicken with Spicy Sauce – At first I forgot about the spicy sauce, which was served in a separate bowl in order to season to taste.  The chicken was ok (of course!), but when I remembered to put some sauce on, it packed a nice punch.


Sauteed String Beans with Pork – These string beans were pickled, which added an odd flavor to them, but still better than your average, non-Chinese, prepared vegetable.

Salt and Pepper Shrimp – Normally served such that you have to peel them out, they prepared them for us already peeled.  These were ok (again!).  I think that they were a little too breaded, and you couldn’t really get much taste of shrimp in this dish.

OK-Ryan-Spare-RibsHouse Special Pork Spare Ribs – These were cut up ribs, with bone one, that were quite sticky, sweet, tasty, and messy.  I liked these, and had quite a few.

Golden Double Egg Fried Rice – I liked this dish, it was slightly better than ok 😉

Then the two dishes that we ordered to complete our meal were:

Eggplant with Basil – I’m not normally one to eat Eggplant, but everyone else said that these were so good, well, I just had to try one.  And I liked it.  Would I go out of my way to eat eggplant again?  I wouldn’t go out of my way, but I would eat it again.  Though, from what our resident eggplant connoisseurs say, I may be disappointed in the future, because these were quite good!

Fish in Chili Sauce – Flounder served with cabbage and bean sprout, and one of the spiciest dishes of the night.  The flounder itself was cooked, in my humble opinion, to perfection. I liked this dish.


As for it being a very typical, authentic Chinese restaurant, there were no fortune cookies served with our check.  Nor were there any oranges or pineapple chunks either for that matter.

And now for our rating:


It rated below our high standards, and below par of most the other Chinese restaurants that we have dined at in Flushing.  Our Quest continues…

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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So nu? Tonight we reviewed a Chinese restaurant in Flushing New York called OK Ryan. What was it? Ok? Yes, it was ok. Just not great by Flushing standards.

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  1. I love you guys’ site and the video about Chinese food on youtube. Keep up the good work and man you guys got some high standard and that’s coming from a Hong Kong immigrant. But that’s also why I like your site, you guys do the best review for Chinese food, hands down!

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