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Is Chinese the Jewish Comfort Food?

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And, How Much Does our Comfort Zone Influence Where We Choose To Eat?

Jewish-comfort-foodPerhaps it’s genetic, but I don’t really think so! Maybe it’s habit, yet I don’t think that’s the entire answer? Then, why does it seem that, for many of us, eating Chinese food appears to be a form of Jewish comfort food dining?

As I’ve said before, I love eating Chinese food. That doesn’t mean I enjoy every Chinese dish, nor that I automatically like every Chinese restaurant. I personally HATE any form of fowl, and a lot of types of fish, so I still don’t enjoy them served Chinese – style. Perhaps the only exception is that the only time I eat pork is in Wonton soup and Chinese spare ribs. I won’t even eat ribs anywhere else!

If you enjoy eating this type of food, then, you, too, have your personal favorites! Maybe you enjoy Szechuan cuisine, while someone else prefers Mandarin or Cantonese, or another style. Maybe you have one special dish that’s your favorite, or the way one place prepares it.

Jewish Comfort Food

New-Garden-Chinese-Restaurant-Port-Washingtonkeep-calm-and-get-in-the-jewish-comfort-foodMaybe. Your decision and your choice is dictated by your Comfort Food Zone, and being used to a particular restaurant. I enjoy going to New Garden, a Chinese restaurant, on Main Street in Port Washington, because their food is consistently of good quality and taste, service is always friendly and congenial, and the servers know what I like, and how I like things preferred. They also offer great value when you purchase any of their Chinese bento box combinations. Where else can you get a great tasting meal for only $11.95 or $14.95 and receive soup, appetizer, entrée, salad, rice (and for the $14.95 even a portion of sushi and either a glass of soda or wine)? And, the waiters know the dressings I want, and that I want them on the side! And, I’m never disappointed! And, less than 5 minutes from my home (even if I miss all the traffic lights!)!

No one else can tell you what you’ll like, or where! They can tell you about the style, and whether they enjoy it! Think about it – haven’t you ever gone to a movie that got great ratings and hated it!

Enjoy your Chinese food your way! One of the great things is there are so many options. Decide for yourself.

At least that’s my humble (or even somewhat less than humble) opinion!

Mee Rich Yee   nee Richard Brody

(MM: To read other articles published by our guest author, Richard Brody, please click here)

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