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Is Our Quest For Chinese Food, Part Habit and Part Comfort Food??

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What Feeds Your Quest for Chinese Food?

I love Chinese food!I Love Chinese Food There I said it and I admit it! But that doesn’t mean I enjoy either every Chinese restaurant (whether authentic or Americanized), or every item on the menu. Each of us have our favorites, and most of us have our I won’t touch that items. That’s perfectly natural. Some seek what they think of as authenticity while simpler individuals (such as me) merely seek pleasure, and enjoyable tasting food in a somewhat clean environment, with good and courteous service.

In each category, there are restaurants I would either return to eat at, or would not consider! While some of the most authentic Chinese restaurants are in New York’s Chinatown, I have never been able to bring myself into any one that has something like a whole pig hanging obviously in the window. Just as some Italian food might be more authentic than others, and some Kosher or kosher-style restaurants might have more authentic dishes than others, to me, it’s just a matter of how it tastes. This all adds up to what I refer to as one’s personal Comfort Food.

Keep Calm It's ThursdayThe habit part is also somewhat relevant, interesting and varied, depending on each individual, their background, and where they’re coming from. Growing up, it was my family’s habit to go out for Chinese food on Thursday evenings. To this day, my wife (aka Mee Pee Wee C) and I either go out or take in Chinese food on nearly every Thursday evening.

What may be greatest about enjoying Chinese cuisine is that there are so many varieties (e.g. Szechuan, Cantonese, Mandarin, etc.), as well as so many types of styles of restaurant (e.g. fancy, decorative, neighborhood, authentic, rustic or something else)! So, why not merely enjoy the food and forget about categorizing it! How does it taste???

Eat up, enjoy, partake and select the restaurant that best meets YOUR style, needs and tastes!

You may agree or not, but that’s my perspective.

Enjoy your food!

Mee Rich Yee  nee Richard Brody

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