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A Follow–up Trip to Saaho Village

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A previous Chinese Quest recommendation to Saaho Village in Great Neck re-visited by a fresh set of eyes and taste buds.  A guest article / review by Richard Brody, aka Mee Rich Yee.

When your anniversary falls on the same weekend as your eldest sister’s birthday celebration, and your grandson’s 3rd birthday, you naturally put off, your Anniversary Dinner. Therefore, even though our Anniversary was on Saturday, Little C Mini Mee, and I, decided to celebrate, on early Sunday evening. C recommended we listen to a recommendation made, several months ago, by the esteemed, Mee Magnum, and went for dinner, at Saaho Village, located at 69 Middle Neck Road in Great Neck. Therefore, this article will briefly examine and review our experience.


Since it was early, we expected, and discovered, no crowds. We were greeted promptly, and warmly, and directed to our table. This restaurant specializes in foods from Southern China, utilizing many styles of artisanal noodle making. Only organic grains, all – natural ingredients, and spring water, are used!

We began with Crispy Wok Crepes, which merged deliciously, duck, romaine lettuce, scallions, and other ingredients. This dish was certifiably DELICIOUS!

The made – to – order, Shrimp and Asparagus Spring Rolls, were unlike nearly any others, I have eaten at restaurants, around the world, country and area.

We enjoyed four different dishes, each one, fresh, tasty, and somewhat unique. We left, full, sated, and fully satisfied. We also ordered their brewed hot tea, which was full flavored, tasty, delicious, and beautifully presented.

Although not an inexpensive place, it’s certainly worthwhile, and worth going! While it will not become a substitute, for our regular, once a week, place, it’s a little gem, buried within Great Neck. C and I highly recommend it!

by Mee Rich Yee, nee Richard Brody

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  1. When I’ve visited Saaho village for the first time and I just love all the dishes we ordered. Like how all the dishes are freshly and well prepared. Awesome that the ingredients are organic. Great service and love how the owner and the staff recommended us what to order. Will definitely be back for more.

  2. Great review…. Saaho Village should get a lot more business now!

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