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First Visit to Little Dumpling

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By Richard Brody (aka Mee Rich Yee).  After driving past “Little Dumpling” time and time again on their way too and fro other Chinese restaurants, the allure of parking out front (and also available in the garage underneath… the well hidden entrance is off the side street), called out like a siren to Rich and his wife.  And they finally gave in to the temptation.  This is their story.

It’s Not Just Dumplings

The weather outside was very hot, steamy, and sticky, and Pee Wee Little Mee (aka my wife), and I thought we’d take our air – conditioned car, and enjoy a nice lunch. Pee Wee suggested we try the “Grain House” Chinese restaurant in Douglaston, suggested by Mee Magnum, but there was challenging parking, and it was far too hot and humid, to take a walk. So, she said she had passed this other place lots of times, and why not try it out? Thus, on this past Friday afternoon, we arrived at “Little Dumpling”, which is located at 252-20 Northern Blvd, in Little Neck, New York.Little-Dumpling-Little-Neck-NY

Located within a strip mall, the restaurant is far Little-Dumpling-Interiormore attractive than it appears from the outside, and was rather crowded (we figured that was a good sign). We were seated promptly, and the air conditioning worked perfectly. And Pee Wee, commented, Mee Magnum would be pleased, because the bathroom was nice, too!

Since dumpling is in the name, although the menu was quite extensive, with many non – dumpling dishes, as well, we decided we’d share about 5 appetizers. They were all served hot and fresh, and my personal favorite was the Steamed Dumpling filled with Soup (delicious!). All the dishes were prepared perfectly, prices were reasonable, and we were very pleased. Our least favorite, by the way, were the Fried Wontons, not that they were bad, but a little too fried, for our liking!

Why not try out this local treasure sometime, either for a meal, or sharing a bunch of delicious appetizers? I think you’ll like it!

Written by Mee Rich Yee, nee Richard Brody

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  1. Food great. Help one morning when first open, rude.

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