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When In Rome, Go to a Chinese Restaurant (or Two!)

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The latest in the continuing series, by Mee Rich Yee, of “Chinese Food around the World”.

My wife, aka Mee Pee Wee C, and I recently returned from a fabulous ten days, in and around Italy and Spain.  It began with a couple of nights in Rome, before boarding the Viking Star, and after enjoying some delicious Italian cuisine for lunches, decided that, what would any trip be, without visiting a Chinese restaurant.

Our first night, after checking into our hotel, and learning the ropes, and walking, seemingly endlessly throughout the city of Rome, we went searching for some sort of Chinese restaurant.  We had seen a sign for “Chinese Restaurante Internazionale”, and realized it wasn’t that easy to locate.  Having almost given up on our quest, we noticed some flags, and a sign that led us behind a construction area, and voila, we found it!  

Chinese-Resturant-InternazionaleNot only was our food delicious, fresh and the service terrific, but it was very reasonable.  For only 24 euros, we enjoyed two appetizers, two main dishes, rice, and tea, for the two of us.  The seasoning was tasty, and very enjoyable.  We even got some unforeseen entertainment, when we kept noticing groups of 30-40 people entering, and after seeing 5 of these enter after our stay, were informed by a Chinese – language tour guide, that he, and many others, regularly bring tourists here.  Good guess!


After dinner, and before our walk for our nightly dose of gelato, we noticed another Chinese restaurant, “Mr. Chow”. This restaurant has a little ritzier location, so we decided we’d compare it, the following evening for dinner.

Mr-Chow-Chinese-RestaurantWe opted for their Special Dinner, which was 4 courses for each of us, including a delicious appetizer, noodle dish, main entrée, and light dessert.  We were pleased that this was also, not only quite tasty, but still under 35 euros, for the two of us, total.


We always enjoy finding local Chinese restaurants, in somewhat unusual locations.  We’ve never been disappointed, and have generally been surprised by the quality, etc.  After all, how many people can say, they went to Rome, and had Chinese food?

by Mee Rich Yee, nee Richard Brody

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  1. I’ve always wondered what Chinese food is like around the world. Here in the united states I’ve never turned down a dinner at any reputable Chinese restaurant no matter how “Americanized” or not. One day I would love to get out to as many different countries (including China!) to see what I’m missing! Very fun article!

  2. There are some very nice Chinese reataurants in Rome. Italy.

  3. Next time I’m in Rome, I’ll look for these places. Sounds like a good choice 😉

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