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Say Goodbye to 69 Bayard

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End of an Era in Chinatown

All photographs, and most content, provided by Karlin Chan. For more information, please check out Karlin’s Facebook page here.

Another old school Chinese comfort food restaurant bites the dust.  Succumbing to higher rents and a changing demographic, many newer Chinese restaurants feature fusion Hong Kong style dishes preferred by the younger generation.

Line-Outside-69-BayardTonight we say goodbye to 69 “Bayard Restaurant Corporation”, located, as if you didn’t know, at 69 Bayard Street in Manhattan.  People have been flocking to the restaurant in droves to not only pay respects, but to enjoy one last good meal at one of the venerable mainstays of Chinatown.


For old timers there remains only a handful of options like “Wo Hop” at 17 Mott Street and “Hop Lee”, across the street, at 16 Mott Street.


Thanks for the memories…


Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. Stanley the waiter from New Lin Heung opened a restaurant around the corner at #10 Elizabeth St in the late 70’s. It was just past a Parking garage. Anyone remember the name of that place???

  2. It’s always sad when a favourite old restaurant closes!

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