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Taking out from “Moo Shu” in Little Neck, NY

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So Nu?  New Home + New Chinese (take-out) Restaurant!

So, you moved.  Ok, I moved.  And you couldn’t find a Chinese (take-out) restaurant.  Neither could I.  Now what do you do?  You drive!  Drive where?  “Go West Young Man” was the cry I heard!  So I did.  Passing “Northern Manor“, exiting Great Neck… In to Little Neck, New York.  Past “Little Dumpling“… keep going.  Past “Moonstone”… keep going…

When we moved in we received a flyer for a new Chinese restaurant that just opened.  It goes by the name of “Moo Shu” and it advertises “Authentic Chinese Cuisine”.   And that’s where I stopped.  At 253-13 Northern Blvd., Little Neck, NY 11362.

Moo-Shu-Little-NeckThe Grand Opening Ribbons were still fluttering in the air.  You could tell, as you neared, that this wasn’t your typical Chinese take-out joint.  It looked like a proper sit down Chinese restaurant.  But, it really was a take-out place.  Though you there was a table or two, and a counter, that you could have eaten at, I didn’t see anyone partaking.

“Moo Shu” also has the flavor of Chinatown or downtown Flushing, in that on the counter were you ordered was a case displaying the Peking Ducks you could order, just like in a lot of store fronts you see in the aforementioned Chinatown and downtown Flushing.  There’s also a big flashing, scrolling, LED sign bringing your attention to the fact that they have Peking Duck on the menu!  And if that didn’t catch your eye, their logo is a duck.   I can only assume that the duck was from Peking.  To me, all ducks look the same!


As I was taking out tonight only for myself, I had to choose wisely.  I only had one shot to get it right.  One dish to select and base my future relationship with “Moo Shu” on.  I’m not sure if the restaurant owners knew how much pressure they were under!

I perused the menu.  I hear you saying, if you’ve seen one take-out Chinese menu you’ve seen them all.  And I’m here to tell you now, NOT HERE.  The menu could have truly been a menu at a sit-down Chinese restaurant.  Normally when I try a Chinese take-out restaurant for the first time I always order the same thing, so that I can compare this restaurant against the others.  And, while they did have my standard premier-dining choice (though I didn’t see it at first glance), I opted to go for something different.

Pork Chops in Peking Sauce

pork-chops-peking-sauceQuite a generous portion, which was good.  BECAUSE it was good!  Mee likes them!  Served in a sauce/glaze that perfectly fit the dish, and garnished with lots of pineapple chunks, the dish was served with a choice of white or brown rice.  You know which one I opted for.  And if you don’t know, I’m sending you back to The Chinese Quest remedial school where you have to start at the very first article, and read every single article we ever published.   And yes, there will be a test at the end.  I kind of gave you the question, but it’s up to you to find the answer.

And to answer another one of your questions, you can order a whole Peking Duck for $30, or half a Peking Duck for $16.  Either way, they are served with the traditional buns, scallions, and hoisin sauce.  And, ALL the duck meat is taken off the bones for you.

The next time, yes there will be a next time, for there are so many delicious sounding dishes on the menu, I will order the Peking Duck.  Fear not, dear readers, I will post a review of the Peking Duck.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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