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So You Moved – Where’s the Best Chinese Restaurant?

Ok, I admit it.  I didn’t think this completely through.  I moved two weeks ago.  Did I consider what Chinese restaurants are around?  NOOOO!  Of course, I considered trivial things such as the neighborhood, the schools, the price, the location.  How could I have been so blinded by those mundane things?  Oy vey!  So, now that I’m here, I find myself scratching my head as I have come to the realization that there isn’t even a Chinese take out restaurant near by!  What was I  thinking?  Heck, there aren’t even any good authentic Chinese restaurants right in town!

neighborhood-chinese-restaurantSure, there are plenty of Asian restaurants here.  Lots and lots of them.  But, they are either Japanese, Thai, sushi bars, or they’ve got this funky thing going on called Asian fusion.

Sometimes I just don’t want to get in my car and drive to satisfy my addiction.  Especially since parking is at a premium here.  Hmm… let me make a mental note to pick up some traffic cones to throw in my trunk, to delineate and save my parking spot!  That’s legal right?  What’s NOT right is not having a Chinese restaurant in my backyard!

I know there are some very good Chinese restaurants around.  Heck, we have reviewed quite a few of them.  From East to West:

Pearl East, Manhasset, NY

Pearl East Chinese Restaurant ManhassetCatering to the well heeled clientele of the Gold Coast of Long Island, Pearl East won’t disappoint.  It’s appetizing as much to the eye as it is to your palate.  The waitstaff was extremely attentive, and accommodating.  We were treated to a delightful banquet of Chef’s delights including Crispy Rice Paper Shrimp Roll w/ Grand Marnier Sauce, Barbequed Jumbo Shrimp served with Bok Choi, Free Range Chicken w/ Spices, Lobster in XO Sauce w/Sticky Rice, Sauteed snow pea leaves, Sea Bass w/Pinenuts, and Sea Food Rice Cake.  A meal at Pearl East will be very festive.  The perfect Chinese restaurant for any special occasion!

Little Dumpling, Little Neck, NY

Little-Dumpling-Little-Neck-NYLittle Dumpling specializes in Shanghai & Taiwanese Cuisine, and Soup Dumplings (and a lot of other dumplings too, but this was the closest restaurant that we have found near us that serves Soup Dumplings).  Little Dumpling had a lovely decor, eager and attentive staff.  This meal had an overall healthy feel to it. The food was not greasy like some Chinese food can be. Something was lacking in the flavor department. The food was good, but not great.

Northern Manor, Little Neck, NY

Northern-Manor-Chinese-RestaurantNorthern Manor is a Cantonese style restaurant. The place is clean, and the staff was very accommodating. It is a great restaurant if you are lucky enough to live nearby.  Being a Cantonese restaurant, we weren’t expecting to be blown away with different flavors and spices, but it could have used a little bit of something to kick to it up a notch (but I guess that wouldn’t have made it Cantonese).  Call me a rebel if you must.  But, I like what I like.

Perhaps I’m overlooking some.  I haven’t checked in to every nook, cranny, and side street yet.  Based on the Chinese restaurants I listed above, can anyone recommend a Chinese restaurant in the area?  Please?  You really don’t want me suffering withdrawal symptoms.  For when I do, I start writing very funky articles.  And no one needs THAT!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

P.S.  If you’re looking for a great Chinese restaurant in your neighborhood, check out our Official Ranking of Chinese Restaurants on Long Island and New York City.

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  1. I have a Chinese restaurant in my “back yard” but it’s a Panda Express. It’s okay as these types of restaurants go, but I’d have to drive about 10 or 15 miles to get to a really good Chinese restaurant. If only my wife liked Chinese food better.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host

  2. The Chinese Quest

    Not sure why the image isn’t showing above… this is what’s supposed to be there, in case it’s not viewable.

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