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The Quest for Chinese Food Around the World – Hawaii

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The Continuing Quest For Chinese Food Around The World

“House of Noodles” aka Love, Hawaiian Style!

hawaii-hula-girlOne might believe that by traveling over 5,000 miles west of New York, and over the Pacific, the quest to find really superb Chinese food, might become simplified.  However, on a recent trip to the islands of Kauai and Oahu, in the state of Hawaii, I discovered that while Polynesian food was plentiful, and although China was about the same distance from Hawaii as New York, it wasn’t quite so simple.  But, isn’t that what makes it a Quest?

Having previously gone to Chinese restaurants in England, Scotland, France, Amsterdam, Germany, Iceland, etc., it was time to experience one, in the 50th state.  On Oahu, chains such as P.F. Chang’s, and Panda takeout were plentiful, but of very little interest to me.  However, on Kauai, on Kuhio Ave, nestled between gift shops, surfboard stores, clothing stores, and jewelry stores, as well as a number of restaurants, this easy–to–miss Chinese restaurant, drew me and Mee Pee Wee C (a.k.a. The Wife) in.  Don’t ask me why, because the exterior had a fruit stand and a variety of coconut drinks, and only if you paid attention, you notice this restaurant called the “House of Noodles”.

House-of-NoodlesThe name should provide you with a “hint” about what the signature dishes were.  In fact, the menu contains well over thirty different types of noodles, mixed with a variety of vegetables, meats, fish, seafood, chicken, etc.  Their spring rolls were hand-made, and made from a softer, fresher-tasting outer covering, and were delicious!  My son, wife, and I, all ordered different dishes, and each of us enjoyed what we ordered.

Portions were quite large and generous, and especially by Hawaii prices, quite reasonable.  There was so much food that we took home lots of leftovers, which we continued to enjoy.  The telling point is that we went back for a second lunch during that week, and the food continued to be delicious!


What’s a Zagat??
Is it like a Questie?

If in Kauai, and planning to go to the beach (remember every beach in Hawaii is public), it’s well worth the visit.  Don’t expect anything fancy, but if you want good, authentic Chinese food (noodle dishes), it’s worth going to!

by Mee Rich Yee, nee Richard Brody 

Reporting for “Demand la Chinwa”  (“The Chinese Quest”, in Haitian Creole, the native language of Hawaii)

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  1. This is a topic close to my heart cheers. Thanks

  2. Your eye is sharp to have noticed that restaurant 😉

    You know, I like testing different food. I think it’s one of the best experiences when travelling. But sometimes, I hesitate entering places. As you showed, we should not be hesitant. Wonderful surprises always await!

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