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Canton Gourmet is located at 38-06 Prince St. in Flushing, NY.  This Quest turned out to be a Seafood Extravaganza!!  Our guest for the evening was Mee Mindee.  MM is a native of Canton province, and did an outstanding job of ordering for the table.  Canton Gourmet has an extensive menu with a large selection of seafood dishes.  The restaurant looks fairly typical of many Flushing establishments, nothing fancy here, but they sure know their food!


We settled in with a few bottles of wine (BYOB), as we took in the many photos of specialty dishes on the walls.  It looked like we were in for a treat, and the place really delivered.  Mee Mindee and Mr Ma (the owner) ordered so many dishes that I thought this might be my last meal before going to the electric chair.

Here is what we ate in no particular order:

Fried Crispy Pork Intestine – light, crispy shells that looked like mini crab legs.  It was served with pickled turnips.  This dish had a nice, subtle pork taste.  The sour of the turnips with the earthy “bacon” flavor made a nice combo.

Black Garlic Soup with Chicken – earthy broth, a great winter soup, with black garlic and chicken.  Pretty good!


Stir Fried Conch with Crispy Tofu – The presentation was amazing.  The conch was surrounded by a ring of sliced oranges and cucumbers.  The conch was very rubbery and fairly tasteless until you dip it in a shrimp paste sauce, the sauce was good if you like fishy.  The crispy tofu was amazing.  Never a tofu lover, I have enjoyed it prepared “Chinese” style.

Special Sea Clam – served with broccoli and sprouts, the clams were soft and lightly seasoned with soy sauce.  Delicious!


House-Style-Dungeness-CrabHouse Style Dungeness Crab – If you can only order one plate here, this would be the one.  It was prepared lightly breaded, and had a slight sweet taste.  Reminded me of a Chinese version of Il Tuscano’s famous lobster dish.  All you do is break off a piece and suck on the meat, one word to describe it:  WONDERFUL!!!!

Sauteed Razor Clam with Black Bean Sauce – absolutely delicious!  Great taste with beautiful texture combined in a wonderful  bean sauce.

Poached Snow Pea Sprout with Three kind of Eggs – I am a great lover of Chinese veggies and had high hopes for this dish, but it did nothing for me.  It was kind of watery, and tasteless.


Famous Golden Fried Rice – The best fried rice I ever tasted-Period!!!!!!  Prepared with egg whites, dried shrimp, and raisins.  The grains of rice did not clump together like most, instead the rice were  light flakes.  Sweet and salty perfection.

Fish Stock Snails – small snails in the shell, very tasty with the fish stock, the only way to eat it is to suck on the shell, it takes a lot of work (with a toothpick) to pull out the microscopic meat.  After 5 or 6, I ran out of patience and just popped them in my mouth and sucked on the shell.


Famous-Garlic-Aromatic-Crispy-ChickenFamous Garlic Aromatic Crispy Chicken – The Quest has eaten this dish in many restaurants over the years, this being one of the better versions.  The combination of chicken and garlic with a nice crispy texture is one of my favorite ways to eat chicken.





This is a must eat in Flushing, especially if you enjoy fresh seafood.  Restaurants like Canton Gourmet make this journey so special.  It is such a great feeling when you discover a gem.  Mee Mindee made the evening for us.  Her expertise and great personality really added to the evening.  It is always very nice to go to Flushing with someone who knows the cuisine and the language.

Thank you for treating us to this great feast!

Our Rating:


All for now,

Mee Tsu Yan

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Our review of Canton Gourmet. This is a must eat Chinese restaurant in Flushing, NY. Especially if you enjoy fresh seafood.  Restaurants like Canton Gourmet make this journey so special.

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5 Stars


Summary : One of the best Chinese restaurants we have ever eaten at!

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  1. I usually for their lunch special during lunch. The steamed eggs is a great dish, too. Love this place.

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