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Changing the Face of Chinese Restaurant Reviews

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When we first started The Chinese Quest it was just five good friends hanging out, having fun over a good dinner, and enjoying each others company.   Now I’ve always enjoyed creating websites, online discussion forums, and even a blog or two.  So the thought naturally occurred to me, to document what we decided would become a quest.  A Quest to find the best Chinese restaurant on all of Long Island!

We never thought it would catch on… but, we did think there was a slight chance… that hope.  Perhaps we’d find an interested audience.  A niche.  Other people (whether they be Jewish or not) who just love Chinese food.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say “who knows… perhaps it will go viral”.  Well, perhaps it’s still just a common cold now… or a hacking cough.  But, perhaps still we’d get lucky one day.  I feel lucky.

So we started a blog.  Our theme was to review the different Chinese restaurants that we ate at.   Then it did start taking on a life of it’s own.  Of course, we had to check other review sites to make sure that we checked out the ones that THEY thought were the best restaurants.  And then we realized EVERYONE is different.  Everyone has their own opinions.  Who’s to say that ours aren’t as valuable as THEIRS?

And we have an angle that no one else has.  That natural affinity that Jews seem to have in their love of Chinese food.  So we sprinkled in some Jewish humor, and added our own unique view of the Chinese restaurants we reviewed.  Of course, we needed a recipe.  A way to compare one restaurant to another.  So, we came up with six metrics that we felt were important to our enjoyment of a good dinner.  Some factors, are of course, more important than others, so we had to weight them.  And, we created a secret formula that generates a numerical rating of the Chinese restaurants that we ate at.

And one overriding factor in everything that we will never ever compromise, is our integrity.  There is no bias… no malice… nothing that can sway our opinions…. with one exception.  GOOD FOOD!  You will always get a straight opinion and review from us.

One thing our reviews will never EVER be is two faced!  What you see is what you get from us.  Totally unbiased reviews of  Chinese restaurants.

Not like this guy!

We also realized to keep our readers attention we had to continue to produce fresh, compelling articles.  Of course, we couldn’t eat out every night.  Our bellies, and our wallets couldn’t withstand THAT!  No matter how much we love Chinese food.  Of course, if we do go viral….

So, we introduced some other articles relating to Chinese food.  Recipes.  Humor.  Videos.  Trivia.  And now even wine (and NO, drinking wine in no way influences our opinion of the food we eat.  We are THAT good!  We hope that you think so too!)

Please sound off in the comments if you agree or disagree!  And if you love us, please spread the word of The Chinese Quest!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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