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My Most or Best Chinese Food Reminiscences

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The following guest article, “My Most or Best Chinese Food Reminiscences”, represents solely the opinions and memories of the author, and does not represent the experiences of, nor should it assume the endorsement by, The Chinese Quest. 

Each of us maintain certain memories that we hang onto and often refuse to let go of. So, why should this be any different when it comes to Chinese restaurants. Therefore, here are a few of my favorite things:

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Most Authentic: Wo Hop (downstairs), Chinatown: From 1950’s style diner/ kitchen tables crowded together to the hot tea served in a glass to the food itself, this ever – present institution holds a special place.

Best Spareribs Ever: House of Won, Fresh Meadows: By far the most consistently tasty, meaty, deliciously prepared perfect every time closed in the 1980’s but I have still never found anyplace even close. Also wins the prize for best soup – Their Wor-Wonton soup!

Consistent Quality at a Real Value: Try either the Bento or Chinese Bento dinners ($11.95 and $14.95) at New Garden in Port Washington. Food, service, portions, consistency, this is a neighborhood place to go to.

Tastiest Food in London- Hands down, the Chinese Food

Best Chinese Food in Bahamas – Wok ‘n’ Roll on West Bay St in Cable Beach. Quality, delicious and surprisingly fair prices.

Never Quite Got Used To- Chinese food in Boston. From the different sauces to the different styles, it never reached my comfort level, although the House of Roy in Boston’s Chinatown, was my favorite.

Most Overpriced & Over-rated- Although I know many people who say they like it there, I believe that Pearl East in Manhasset wins this prize (although Moonstone in Great Neck may compete in the overpriced category). If you seek crowded, noisy, fancy and upscale, you’ll find it here, but if you want great tasting food, you might also be somewhat disappointed.

This could be an ongoing series because there are so many possible categories, and remember One Man’s great egg roll may be another one’s “eh.” It’s a matter of taste and personal opinion, and this is just my humble (or not so humble) perspective!


Mee Rich Yee   nee Richard Brody

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