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Unofficial Review of Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown

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An Impromptu Trip to Chinatown

Welcome to Chinatown Manhattan New York City

Hey there, this is Mee V Stoogas and I want to report an impromptu decision that my better half and I made this past Saturday night.  We headed down to Chinatown, in lower Manhattan for dinner, and we went to Joe’s Shanghai on Pell Street in the heart of Chinatown (Click here to read our review of Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing, NY).

Joe's Shanghai in Manhattan New York CityWhen we arrived at the restaurant we were greeted with a 40 minute wait,  WOW what a surprise.  The people out front waiting were from all over the world.  All we could do at this point was to stand and wait our turn to be called.  We were number 27.  Keep in mind that the numbers start at one and go to 100.  And then they start over again at one.  As I was listening for our number I heard number 97 being called.  Only 30 parties ahead of us. Oh Mee!  Oh My!!

Once we sat down  the aroma was delightful.  They sat us at a table for 10, with eight other people who where already enjoying the food.  If you don’t like sitting at tables with other people you don’t know, then Joe’s is not for you.

The waiter came by and took our order, of Soup dumplings with pork, Soft shell crab cooked in ginger and scallions, Shanghai Fried Noodles with Pork, Giant Prawns in a chili sauce (we think) the menu said they where cooked with a meat sauce, but there was no meat in them (maybe they knew I don’t eat red meat!).  However the Prawns that were served were delicious.

We started with the Soup dumplings.  They were as fun to eat, as they were mouth watering.  And hot!  Next thing we knew all the other dishes appeared, as we filled our plates and started to eat all the flavors where dancing on our tongues and boy it was nice.

Leaving Joe's Shanghai Manhattan New York CityThe night turned out to be a great surprise for us because not only did we have a special evening of Chinese food, but we enjoyed it with eight people who were enjoying their food as well.  We also got  to check out their choices and we decided we need to come again real soon.  In fact, I need to bring back my brother Mee’s for an official review!

And when we left there was still quite a line of people waiting to get in (see the picture to the right)!

Mee V Stoogas

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