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Tummy Talk – An Interview with Mee V. Stoogas

This is the third interview in our series, called Welcome to Tummy Talk. Today we are interviewing Mee V. Stoogas  (MVS).  MVS is a native Long Islander.  He lives in Suffolk County.  He has a beautiful daughter and grandchild.  Not a man of many words, but he knows what he likes!

Tummy Talk (TT):  Thank you, Mee V. Stoogas, for taking time out of your very busy schedule to chat with us.

MVS:  You’re welcome.  My time is your time, and we’d have even more time if we were eating Chinese food.


TT: Can you tell our readers a bit more about your love of Chinese food?

MVS: All I can remember is that my family went out for Chinese food almost every Sunday evening.  I used to love the pupu platter.  My mother used to always order chicken chow mein every time.  Today, my go to dish is chicken chow mein. Thank you Mom!


TT: What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled to enjoy Chinese food?

MVS: San Francisco


TT: What in particular is the first impression you take when you enter a Chinese restaurant?

MVS: How many Asians are eating there!  Because when I go in to a Jewish Deli I look for members of my tribe.


TT: What’s your favorite dish?

MVS: Because of Mom, chicken chow mein.  How boring!


TT: Why the Quest?

MVS: Well, Mee Tsu Yan moved from where he was living in Nassau County to Suffolk  County.  And since I lived in Suffolk County, he asked me where a good Chinese restaurant was.  I told him I was not so sure and we should start a quest to find a real good Chinese restaurant.  So the Quest started.  Then we added our fellow Mee’s.


TT: Are there any secrets you can share, or stories you’ve never told anyone else?

MVS: No.  Then that wouldn’t be a secret, would it?


TT: What do you hope to accomplish on the Quest in the coming year?

MVS: To find the best Chinese restaurant that we all agree upon is the best wherever it may take us.


TT: What about the future?

MVS: To keep eating Chinese food.  I know it’s my favorite food in the whole world!


TT: Would you ever try a different type of food?

MVS: Yes.


TT: I want to thank you for your time. Are there any parting words you have for our readers?

MVS: Stay Calm and Eat Chinese Food!

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