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[REVIEW] Green Leaf, Port Washington (Closed 7/2016)

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Simon Says:  You Will Have the Best Chinese Food

What Simon Says, Simon delivers.  And, he delivered it to our table, not to our house.  But, we certainly felt right at home at Green Leaf Chinese restaurant at 376 Port Washington Boulevard, in Port Washington, NY.  Port Washington is famous for being the home of the North Shore Animal League.  But, now it should be regarded for having a jewel of a Chinese restaurant.

[UPDATE:  We are saddened to learn of the closing of Green Leaf.  We are confirming whether it be permanent or a remodel.  Stay tuned!]

Tonight was an unexpected Quest.  We had gathered at the offices of Mee V. Stoogas to talk business, and we thought that we would order in some Chinese.  But, being that we had a quorum on hand, we quickly opted to try a Chinese restaurant we hadn’t been to before.  Unfortunately, Mee Gonzi Biao was returning this day from College Day in Florida and his plane didn’t land in time for him to join us.  So, he will have to live vicariously through our pictures, and our reviews.  By the way, there’s a ton more pictures posted on The Chinese Quest Twitter Feed.

Green Leaf Chinese Restaurant Port WashingtonYou can see where the name came from as there were plenty of green leaves from the trees in front of the restaurant that nearly blocked out our picture.

The restaurant is owned by Simon, who also doubles as the Chef, Maitre D’, and Host with the Most.

I think it was because as soon as we sat down, we said what we always say, “forget about the menu, we want an authentic Chinese meal”.   Clearly this pleased Simon.  For as he told us later, most of the patrons just order the plain vanilla Americanized Chinese food, and now Simon had the opportunity to show off his culinary skills.

We were served dishes that we had never EVER seen before.  Different colors, flavors, aroma’s.  We were dazzled by his brilliance.  And it was clear that he wasn’t going to be pleased unless we were totally pleased.

The average diner who would walk in, wouldn’t be served a meal like we were, unless they specifically asked for it.  Simon is eager to please.  Simon says, “next time you come in ask for me, and I will take good care of you”.  Clearly he liked the opportunity to show off his talents and creativity.  The food was primarily Szechuan in style, but was a mix of different spices.  Each dish represented a completely different taste, and together blended in to a happy symphony on our tongues and in our bellies.

Green Leaf Chinese Restaurant DishesMee Tsu Yan is going to publish an in-depth review of each of the dishes that were served, but I’m just going to highlight a few extraordinary dishes that truly caught my eyes, my nose, and my taste buds.

See that dish in the upper left hand corner on the picture to the right?  That’s called “Port Washington Fried Rice”.  They served it to us with shrimp, but it can be prepared with different ingredients.  The rice was like a vegetable, the aroma was fresh, sweet, and heavenly.  It was the most different type of rice we had ever had, and perhaps the best fried rice we have ever had.  Well done Simon!

The Steamed Fish (Flounder, not pictured) was just to incredible.  It melted in your mouth.

Taipei Chicken had a nice kick to it.

The Chinese vegetables (water cress) with shrimp were astounding.

The review wouldn’t be just if I left out the Soup we were served.  It was a Thai Style Seafood Soup… Picture minestrone.  But taste a kick like you’ve never had in a soup before.  Imagine cajun and you might have a clue.  But, you’ll have to try it.  I’m not the biggest soup lover in the whole world, but the other Mee’s were gleefully slurping up the soup as fast as it could be poured in to their bowls.

As mentioned there were other dishes we were served, and they will be reviewed in kind by Mee Tsu Yan in a subsequent article.

Every season they change up some of their dishes, so you’ll never grow tired and always have something new to try every time you go to Green Leaf.

When I got home I took a look at their menu for the first time so I could capture the names of the some of the dishes that we were served, and I noticed that they had an appetizer called “Mee-Krob” and a rice dish called “Mee Ga Thi”.  If only we had known!  But, clearly it was a sign!  Imagine though what they’re going to rename some of their other dishes after reading OUR review!  🙂

I don’t think that the Port Washington residents truly know what kind of gem that they have right there on Port Washington Boulevard.  Go beyond the traditional menu, and venture in to a veritable delight sure to titillate your taste buds and tickle your intestines.

The restaurant scored extra bonus points for their Creativity and Service. Couple that with the Taste of the meal and we came up with a shockingly surprising result!

Our rating of Green Leaf Chinese Restaurant:

Green Leaf Chinese Restaurant Rating

Fortune Cookies were served with our dessert.  I don’t know if there was special meaning, but we didn’t get to choose which fortune cookie, but they gave one to each of us, as follows:

Use your natural versatility to keep from being bored.  (Mee V. Stoogas)

Venture not all in one boat.  (Mee Tsu Yan)

This could be an almost perfect day.  Enjoy it.  (Mee Magnum)

You will receive a surprising gift very soon.  (Mee Yong Joo)

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

ADDENDUM:  Green Leaf Chinese Restaurant was awarded an incredible TWO Questie’s last year.  Here is Mee Tsu Yan, along with Mee Gonzi Biao, Mee V. Stoogas, and Mee Magnum, presenting the Questie’s to Simon Liang:

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