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[Take-Out Review] New Jumbo Taste, New Hyde Park

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Jumbo Taste – Jumbo Flavor!

New Jumbo Taste New-Hyde Park Best Chinese Take-out FoodNEW Jumbo Taste in New Hyde Park does beg the question, what happened to the OLD Jumbo Taste?  Though our quest is most noble, to find THE best Chinese restaurant on Long Island, almost as important is finding THE best take-out Chinese food in YOUR neighborhood.  Since moving to the area, of course the first thing I looked for was the nearest Chinese take-out restaurant.  It quickly became apparent that close doesn’t equate to “go to” when one must “take out”.

One day Mini Mee and I were hanging out with his Cub Scout, and now Boy Scout, bud, Mee Bam Bam.  As the minutes turned to hours and our appetites grew in relation, we opted to order out some dinner.  Like good Jews, of course, we thought of Chinese food.  What I was surprised to hear was that Bam Bam’s father, Mee Scott-Yee and his grandmother, Mee, well let’s just call her PurpleMom for lack of a better pseudonym, had recently discovered a new Chinese take-out restaurant that had recently opened.  What I didn’t expect was that the place they have been taking out from was at least 20 minutes away in New Hyde Park.  All the way near Mee!

Now, I knew that there just HAD to be something extra good (jumbo?) about this Chinese take-out restaurant.  Who travels THAT far for Chinese take-out food?  And I wasn’t disappointed.  And this restaurant, New Jumbo Taste, at 1008 Jericho Turnpike in New Hyde Park has become my go to take-out Chinese restaurant when I gotta get some.  For a nice sit down dinner in New Hyde Park I do recommend Empire Garden on Hillside Avenue.

What is so good about New Jumbo Taste?  Hmm, I thought you’d never ask.  Well, for one, it has stood the test of time.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve enjoyed a meal at a restaurant only to be sorely disappointed the second time I ate their food.  Secondly, in what has become my main barometer for judging Chinese take-out food, is their pork fried rice.  It’s not greasy.  It’s tasty.  And it warms up just perfectly fine the next day.  Additional points in New Jumbo Taste’s favor (flavor?) is their beef.  It’s beefy!  It doesn’t taste like, umm, shall we just say it tastes good.  I like it.  Their boneless spare ribs too are top notch.

Mini Mee can vouch for their steamed pork dumplings.  And I will second his motion.  They’re good.  Jumbo sized.  Filled delightfully, and their sauce tops it off nicely.  Also, their wonton soup has never let me down, and their egg rolls are always good as well.

I haven’t tried everything on their menu as I tend to stick with my old reliable treasures when I’m Jonesing for Chinese food.

I can only find one thing to complain about New Jumbo Taste.  They often forget to put fortune cookies in your take-out bag.  I usually remember to check (and when I ask, they do put them in).  But tonight I’m left fortune-less.  Which is one notch above being rice-less 😉

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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