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Unofficial Review of Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown

Joe's Shanghai in Manhattan New York City

An Impromptu Trip to Chinatown Hey there, this is Mee V Stoogas and I want to report an impromptu decision that my better half and I made this past Saturday night.  We headed down to Chinatown, in lower Manhattan for dinner, and we went to Joe’s Shanghai on Pell Street in the heart of Chinatown (Click here to read our review of ...

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Tummy Talk – An Interview with Mee V. Stoogas

The Three Stooges

This is the third interview in our series, called Welcome to Tummy Talk. Today we are interviewing Mee V. Stoogas  (MVS).  MVS is a native Long Islander.  He lives in Suffolk County.  He has a beautiful daughter and grandchild.  Not a man of many words, but he knows what he likes! Tummy Talk (TT):  Thank you, Mee V. Stoogas, for taking time ...

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