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Chinese Food – True Comfort Food When You’re Traveling Away From Home

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No matter how much you might enjoy going away, there are always some things that each of us misses when we are away from home. For me, that usually includes items such as: missing my own bed and pillows; certain creature comforts; familiarity; and, of course, having some Chinese food.

I Love Chinese FoodI must confess that I am somewhat spoiled in that regard. From the days of my childhood when my family would spend nearly every Thursday night at a neighborhood place, called Wong’s (on Jamaica Ave in Jamaica, across from the old May’s Department store), to my days when I was old enough to drive going to my all – time favorite, House of Won (on the Horace Harding Expressway in Fresh Meadows), to its successor in the same location (Bamboo Chopsticks), to finally finding a restaurant that I enjoy going to regularly in Port Washington (New Garden on Main Street), I’ve spent most of my life savoring Chinese food that was to my taste preference.

On the Road Again

Therefore, when I travel, I’ve often visited and tried local Chinese food. In Cable Beach, Bahamas, I’ve tried several, and finally found one I liked (Wok & Roll, on West Bay St). On a couple of different visits to London and its surrounding area, I’ve often enjoyed having some Chinese food, often preferring it to other cuisine. traveling-away-from-homeI’ve experienced Chinese food in Elgin, Scotland; Paris; Zurich; Amsterdam; Ireland; and several other foreign destinations. I’ve also gone to Chinese restaurants in nearly every state in the United States, sometimes with stellar experiences, and sometimes quite uninspiring. Yet, if I’m going to spend more than just a couple of days, chances are I will find some Chinese restaurant to have either lunch or dinner.

Chinese food preferences are extremely personal, and there is no right or wrong one. One person might love one place and someone else will detest it! Some like Cantonese style, while others enjoy Mandarin, Hunan, etc. Yet, for those of us who enjoy eating Chinese food (note: that does NOT make us experts), there is always some comforting and somewhat reliable and soothing about having just a little of one of our favorite cuisines.

Where have you eaten Chinese food?

Mee Rich Yee  nee Richard Brody

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