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Chinese Zodiac Monkey Traits & Personality

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Chinese Zodiac Sign Monkey Traits & Personality

Even though people born in the year of the Monkey are smart and funny, not everything is all “monkey business” for them.

When on task these people have the ability to really concentrate. When playing, however, that old Monkey charm takes the worst party and brightens it up.

Monkey people like to impress others with their aptitude. They’re confident in certain things, and aware of limitations with others.

There’s no issue with accepting the need for improvement – in fact the ever-active Monkey wants nothing more than to shine brighter.

Because of this and keen learning skills they thrive in business knowing great opportunities before other hopeful competitors even wake up in the morning. This can make the Monkey come off as arrogant, and others don’t always understand their actions.

Negative personality traits for Monkey, particularly when faced with failure include taking the low road with lies and deceit. They could sell water in the Mojave with that clever tongue. They’re not overly patient with getting results and may suspect someone trying to undermine that brass ring. Balancing that, Monkey is a very versatile, creative, practical and highly social creature.

Chinese Zodiac Monkey Compatibility

In relationships Monkey can find lasting love but only after several failed attempts. They have a high sex drive and don’t mind using their charms to fill that craving. Monkey needs an ever-inventive lover to keep them interested not just physically but mentally too. The best potential companions for Monkey are the Chinese Dragon and Chinese Rat.

Chinese Zodiac Monkey Children

Monkey children, as you might expect, play themselves silly. They’re born knowing what they want to do in life and begin making plans as soon as they can walk. Monkey children are sometimes selfish, very ambitions and work hard at anything that seems to give them an immediate reward. This is a rebel with a cause, so parents will be hard pressed to impose restrictions.

Metaphysical Associations

The Chinese Monkey’s metaphysical correspondences in this astrological system include the Color Yellow, the Direction of West and Number 10 in Numerology.

Chinese Zodiac Posts supplied by The Chinese Quest Groupie – Lucky Mee (Bernadette King of BuildingBeautifulSouls.com) .

Learn more about the Chinese Zodiac Sign of Monkey.

Delve into the symbolism and meanings of the Color Yellow, the Direction of West and Number 10 in Numerology (the Number 10 reduces to its single digit of Number 1 in Numerology).

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