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Chinese Zodiac Dragon Traits & Personality

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Chinese Zodiac Dragon Traits and Personality

Just like the legends, Dragon people are larger than life!

Those born in The Year of the Dragon bear themselves with honor and poise, making excellent leaders who handle setbacks with nobility.

It is not in the Chinese Dragon’s personality to accept failure, using an ingenious mind to find solutions. In some way the Dragon in this story is more like a Knight in that they don’t tolerate duplicity and lies fondly.

Additionally, their personal reputation should never show sign of tarnish.

With this in mind, its not surprising that one of the lesser liked Chinese Dragon traits is that they can get a little over-puffed up. Confidence pours out of their very being, but not always balanced with reason and planning. Dragon may act on impatience rather than wait for the best timing.

Some light workers tell us that those born under the sign of the Dragon have come into the Earth plane many times before, and each time they have a plan to balance obligations.

That means this Chinese New Year Animal has lofty hopes and goals that they’re determined to accomplish, or die trying. The Dragon spirit doesn’t see itself on the same playing field as mere mortals so when they fail, it’s usually a larger-than-life screw up that takes years to live down.

Unlike some other Chinese Zodiac signs, the Dragon is very forthcoming. You don’t have to worry about guises or deceit with this person. Everything you want to know is fully evident including anger.

Beware the flaming tongue of this person!

The Chinese Dragon won’t stay angry too long but it’s not necessary with all that power. Additionally Dragon people’s communications often come across like a two-by-four. Diplomacy isn’t really a Dragon’s “thing”.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon Compatibility

What is far more the Dragon’s style is commitment. They take words of love as sacred and binding. Some believe that Dragon’s seek out their mates from other lifetimes in the current incarnation as a result. In their book “forever after” is really that long.

The best companions for Dragon are Chinese Rat and Chinese Monkey.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon Children

As a child, Dragons are fearless and forceful. They have high expectations for themselves and truly believe they can be the hero of their life stories. Chinese Dragon Kids are usually destined for greatness.

Metaphysical Associations

The Chinese Dragon’s metaphysical correspondences in this astrological system include the Color of Gold, the Direction of East and the Number 2 in Numerology.

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Learn more about the Chinese Zodiac Sign of Dragon.

Delve into the symbolism and meanings of the Color of Gold, the Direction of East and the Number 2 in Numerology.

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