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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Traits & Personality

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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Traits and Personality

People born in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit are considered serendipitous.

Wherever they go, good fortune seems to follow!

Part of this luck is self-made in that this Chinese New Year Animal thinks on his paws and moves quickly around obstacles.

Even when there is the occasional setback, Rabbit handles it with an uncanny Laissez-faire outlook.

A smile and a song later, they’re back on their feet! And, yes, Rabbits can and do sing.

The Rabbit Sign is ruled by the Moon, giving these people empathic ability. This naturally attracts people to Rabbit’s side, hoping to hear a little bit of wit and wisdom on the Path.

As the Chinese Rabbit hops through life, they bear peace and harmony. This doesn’t mean that the Rabbit’s personality is all fluff. When it comes to finalizing deals they’re merciless in obtaining goals. It’s one of their most surprising traits. People rarely see that coming.

Rabbit has a sweet demeanor, but they can turn on a moment’s notice particularly if they feel pressured or hassled. Rabbit is very clever too and took the saying, “keep your friends close and enemies closer” to heart. By so doing, Rabbit has time to appraise weaknesses and make a solid plan.

Keynotes for Rabbit include sensitivity, friendliness, adept recall, peacefulness and hospitality. They’re good workers who learn quickly, but should not hold monotonous jobs of which they’re boor quickly. One caution for Rabbit is avoiding “flash in the pan” schemes. These can quickly find you jumping down the rabbit hole to avoid embarrassment.

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Compatibility

Those born in the Year of the Rabbit are secretive partners but they can also prove very exciting! Many Rabbits mate for life, wanting large broods and a social household.

They’re attracted to people with style and flair, partnering best with the Chinese Sheep or Chinese Pig.

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Children

While emotional, the Rabbit Child knows how to survive in the concrete jungle. The most difficult challenge for the parents of a Rabbit is their unending stubbornness.

Be ready to negotiate and take notes!

Metaphysical Associations

The Chinese Rabbit’s metaphysical correspondences in this astrological system include the Color Grey, Direction of East and the Number 4 in Numerology.

Chinese Zodiac Posts supplied by The Chinese Quest Groupie – Lucky Mee (Bernadette King of BuildingBeautifulSouls.com) .

Learn more about the Chinese Zodiac Sign of Rabbit.

Delve into the symbolism and meanings of the Color Grey, the Direction of East and the Number 4 in Numerology.

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