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Every Dog Has Its Day… This Dog Has a Year!

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They say that every dog has it’s day, but according to the Chinese Zodiac, we are about to enter the Year of the Dog!  Sounds like a Kung Fu movie, doesn’t it?  Perhaps we can convince Angela Mao to come out of retirement.  

Let’s learn more about the personality and traits of those who are born in the Year of the Dog

Chinese Zodiac Dog Traits and PersonalityJust as one would expect from man’s best friend, Dog people are loyal with a strong ethical core.

Dogs will wait for you to eat before taking any scraps and always care for people in their inner circle with diligence. Protecting family and friends is very important to the Dog’s psyche as they help define him or her.

The Dog’s ability to sniff out trouble certainly comes in handy toward achieving that personal goal. If you’re not sure about a situation or a person, trust the Dog’s instincts to steer you the right way.

In computer terms, Dog people are W-Y-S-I-W-Y-G. The personality profile is so genuine and real. They avoid people they consider fickle, biased or fainthearted. One of the words highlighted in the Dog’s play book is “responsibility” right next to duty. As a result, Dogs may find themselves at the head of the pack without even trying.

Dogs are fierce fighters particularly if one of their brood gets harmed in any way. No matter that size of the bully, they’re not likely to stand down. The problem with this is that Dogs rarely let others fight a personal battle, which can come across as being overbearing or controlling.

Keynotes in the Dog’s life include good luck, obedience, protection, honesty, bravery and confidentiality. Dogs won’t give away your secrets. Negative personality traits include fault finding and anxiety disorders.

Chinese Zodiac Dog Compatibility

Dogs have a sensitive side in relationships and may take a while to warm up to new partners. When a dog is in your life, give them a bone – kind, encouraging words. This is a laid back pup who rarely bites the hand that feeds him or her without very good reason.

Most compatible partners for those born in The Year of the Dog are the Chinese Horse and Chinese Tiger.

Chinese Zodiac Dog Children

Dogs as puppies have a strong playful streak. Even so, Chinese Zodiac Dog Kids will shy away from anything perceived as “bad” for themselves or their family unit. From the get go they illustrate strong loyalty and sincerity.

Metaphysical Associations

The Chinese Dog’s metaphysical correspondences in this astrological system include the Color Turquoise, the Direction of West and Number 9 in Numerology.

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