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Chinese Zodiac Tiger Traits & Personality

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Traits and Personality

Tigers are the adrenaline junkies of the Chinese Zodiac world!

They thrive on power, creativity, zeal, humor and love. The Chinese Tiger parallels Leo in Western Astrology for adoring the limelight.

If this Chinese New Year Animal doesn’t get attention, he or she will quickly move to a different audience. However, when their personal “stage” is threatened the Tiger becomes a fierce protector of hearth and home.

The Chinese Zodiac Tiger has a push-me-pull you personality. They’re very impulsive but also have trouble making decisions. They suspect even the most innocent of motives and have a very nasty temper when they feel slighted. Tiger will NOT forget and continues seeking retribution for betrayal until satisfied.

Key attributes for the Chinese Tiger include bravery, leadership, intelligence and a dynamic personality. People respect the Tiger but often fear it as well.

Tiger isn’t timid in the face of a challenge and knows how to communicate in a forthright manner.

Those born under this astrology sign may find that their temper wanes when long projects stall out and also sometimes butt heads with authority figures.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Compatibility

In love, contrary to the ferocious Tiger nature, people born under this sign are actually pussy cats – romantic yet exciting. When Tiger sets his or her eyes on you, be ready for a long, tenacious hunt.

They don’t give up prey easily and are best when tied emotionally to a Chinese Dog or Chinese Horse.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Children

Those with Tiger children find them to be incredibly confident, curious and outgoing (which can be quite a challenge for mom and dad). Chinese Tiger Kids don’t always realize they can get hurt, and when they do the result is often fits of anger rather than tears. From day one this child shows leadership skills.

The hardest challenge is that Tiger children want it all, NOW. Teaching patience and impulse control helps that.

Metaphysical Associations

The Chinese Rat’s metaphysical correspondences in this astrological system include the Color red, Direction of East and the Number 7 in Numerology.

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