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Chinese Zodiac Sheep Traits & Personality

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Chinese Zodiac Sheep Traits and Personality

Pure-hearted spirits, these folk never seem to age. There is something young, optimistic and generous about Sheep.

Even so do not think of them as merely “sheep” – the people born under this Chinese sign have amazing resiliency and steadfastness that goes down the roots of their wool.

The key thing that holds sheep back is that they are followers.

They do need a leader that balances out the softness of the Sheep and keep them from leaping right into harm. Sheep usually don’t know the fox is about until it’s too late and the damage done. On the upside they’re incredibly lucky. When the Sheep has a need, the Universe manifests something to meet or exceed it.

In comparison to other Zodiac signs Sheep are wallflowers. They don’t want flashy lights. What they do crave is honest appreciation of inventive thinking and efforts. That’s when a Sheep really shines. Sadly there’s a down side here too – when the sheep gets sheared they descend into cynics or defeatism easily.

If you know a Sheep or are one yourself you may crave life’s finer things. You have to watch your budget carefully or there will be nothing in that proverbial rainy day fund to tide you over. Another caution is staying true even in the face of conflict. Sheep loves to keep the peace and may fib to do just that.

Chinese Zodiac Sheep Compatibility

Sheep in relationships crave a strong partner who likes their clingy style. In return, Sheep are very romantic and appreciative. This Chinese New Year Animal is most compatible with a Chinese Pig or a Chinese Rabbit.

Chinese Zodiac Sheep Children

The Sheep as a child is very sensitive. Parents have to keep them from purposefully hiding from reality. Give them a small pet to love and protect and that will provide a healthy outlet as an alternative.

Metaphysical Associations

The Chinese Sheep’s metaphysical correspondences in this astrological system include the Color Green, the Direction of South and the Number 12 in Numerology.

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Delve into the symbolism and meanings of the Color Green, the Direction of South and the Number 12 in Numerology.

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