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Chinese Zodiac Rooster Traits & Personality

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Chinese Zodiac Rooster Traits and Personality

Rooster people are movers and shakers!

They have a dream and the courage to pursue it, even if it seems improbable. Open-minded and confident most Roosters experience a profound level of success in life, even though people in their own circle can’t often grasp their vision.

Roosters are not born, they’re self-made and highly driven. Like a laser beam, they head direct to a target, remaining systematic in their plans. As they do, it’s common for the Rooster to fluff those tail feathers with a wardrobe that begs to be noticed.

Rooster is NEVER under-dressed for any occasion. However, that doesn’t mean Rooster is superficial. In fact, they feel deeply for the “little guys” and will crow loudly to help them get assistance.

In business Rooster would do well to head toward careers in the communication field. They can become the next great novelist or a motivational speaker. The problem with this aptitude is that they can wipe someone out with a sentence just as sure as lift another person up.

Roosters have defined egos but they also need support and comfort that their efforts matter. Other personality keynotes include faithfulness, ambition, kind, confidence, timeliness, inspiration and protection. It was the Rooster who warned of trouble in ancient beliefs.

A couple of the Chinese Rooster’s more challenging personality traits is that they have little patience for procrastination and may well leave behind partners who drag their feet on projects. Roosters have intense emotions, may become selfish and speak a little brashly, not really appreciating other’s suggestions.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Compatibility

Those in relationships with Roosters may find a little frustration in the nest. While these birds have a big heart they also have a big mouth and unwittingly boss people around.

Rooster’s best love compatibility is with those who house strong personalities like the Chinese Ox or Chinese Snake.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Children

As children Roosters constantly want something (and this is truly WANT, not a need). They like their independence and go off with a head of steam particularly on intellectual quests. The good news is that Rooster is perceptive; they’re not easily fooled and have no problem pointing out a phony.

Metaphysical Associations

The Chinese Rooster’s metaphysical correspondences in this astrological system include the Color Violet, the Direction of West and Number 6 in Numerology.

Chinese Zodiac Posts supplied by The Chinese Quest Groupie – Lucky Mee (Bernadette King of BuildingBeautifulSouls.com) .

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Delve into the symbolism and meanings of the Color Violet, the Direction of West and Number 6 in Numerology.

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  1. I am a proud Rooster! I resemble most of these traits. Who are my fellow Roosters?

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