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Our latest Quest is Beijing House, located at 170 Jericho Turnpike in Syosset. The place is so new, there was not even a sign up to identify itself (I understand that a sign has since been put up). I had a feeling that Beijing House was going to be a fairly authentic Chinese restaurant. The first thing to hit you walking into the door was the wonderful aroma. Looking around at the various dishes on the tables, being eaten by mostly Chinese patrons got me even more excited.  The style is mostly Sichuan cuisine. Roger was our waiter for the evening. A most gracious fellow with a strong desire to please. I feel the service for the evening was really first rate.

For starters, we ordered the Soft Fried Boneless Spare Ribs, Cucumber Salad with Garlic, and Shredded Dry Bean Curd. The Soft Fried Boneless Spare Ribs were nothing like I ever had. Prepared with white meat pork that was soft fried (think funnel cake without the sweetness). It is an interesting take on ribs that were a bit salty, but rather tasty. Truth be told, I prefer the tried and true BBQ ribs that I was weaned on since childhood. The Cucumber Salad with Garlic is refreshing and a nice meal starter. It was prepared with garlic, cilantro, in a mild soy sauce. Next up was the Shredded Dry Bean Curd. This was the hit of the evening! Not usually a bean curd kind of dude, it was  a wonderful dish with a nice “heat” kicker.

Now for the main event!

Steamed Dumplings with Pork, Shrimp, and Egg– sounds like it would be wonderful, but in fact it was not that good.

Whole-Fish-Black-Bean-PasteWhole Fish in Black Bean Paste– nicely prepared whole fish (still not sure what the fish was). This was a nice dish to look at and even better to eat! Very flavorful and a bit spicy. Not filleted, so you have to eat around the bones. You know I enjoyed the fish when I finish off sucking on the head.

Mee-Tsu-Yan-Sucking-Fish-HeadSizzling Sliced Beef– a basic dish served with onions & peppers in a thick brown gravy. Nothing great although it tasted better than the pepper steak that my mother used to make (Sorry, Mom!)

Sauteed Cauliflower– not quite sure how it was made, and for that matter why it was made? It was terrible!! Such a shame because I love Chinese vegetables. Apparently, cauliflower is not a Chinese vegetable.

Sausage Fried Rice– White rice, egg, carrots, peas, and sweet sausage. The sweet sausage really saved this dish, although it should of had a lot  more of it. Just OK, nothing to write home about.

Smoked Chicken– Wanting for one more dish, Roger convinced us to order the chicken. This chicken was too weird for me. Served cold, the chicken was so smokey, it tasted like the chicken had a two pack a day smoking habit.

We finished the meal with chocolate ice cream. Beijing House is a new place that is not your usual LI Chinese. I think the food was real hit or miss. Some of the dishes were quite good, while others were pretty bad. The service was really good. I would like to come back to Beijing House with some Chinese friends and have them order for me, it definitely deserves another chance, but I have to be honest- I was disappointed with most of the food. However, I was not disappointed with the company. As always, the Chinese Quest had a fun evening, and I cannot wait for the next adventure.

Until then, bye for now,

Mee Tsu Yan

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  1. Will try as it sounds far from ordinary!

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