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The Norman ConQuest: “Little Dumpling”, Little Neck

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The following guest article was submitted by Norman, an ardent long time follower of, and now guest author on, The Chinese Quest.  Norman has sent us many e-mails, and with a little encouragement, he’s now on a roll with his fifth guest article.  As a little background, we “met” Norman over a year ago when he started e-mailing us religiously with commentary on most of our articles.  He has relayed many interesting stories, but none more touching than when he told us about his beautiful wife, who he’s now been married to for over 55 years and how they were going to celebrate their 55th Anniversary by having dinner at Pearl East in Manhasset.  We so wanted to join them that evening, but alas it wasn’t in the stars.  We can only hope that we will get to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary with them at a Chinese restaurant of their choosing courtesy of The Chinese Quest!

Norman, and his wife, never miss the opportunity to check out a new Chinese restaurant.  And when they saw that Little Dumpling in Little Neck, was on their way home from a fabulous day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, well they just had to go!  This is their review…

“Little Dumpling”, Chinese Restaurant, Little Neck, NY

It was a good day. No traffic to MOMA (Metropolitan Museum Of Art). Parked across the street. Saw “Picasso’. Returned home to lunch at ‘Little Dumpling’. Parked immediately in front of the storefront at 252-20 Northern Boulevard, Little Neck, New York.  Life IS good!

Inside it was crowded and we had a short wait while they prepared a table. I chatted with a Caucasian guy (Chinese wife) who said he had eaten there five times already. The building is new and the restaurant is a recent addition.  (MM:  The Chinese Quest reviewed “Little Dumpling” exactly one year ago).


Norman’s Con-Quest, err, review of “Little Dumpling”:

They were crowded with about 60 or more people (some Caucasians). Most of the Asian people were young, as in their early 20’s. There were a group of preteens as well so I suspect a party.

The waiter spoke good English even though, I was informed, that he did not go to school here. We ordered an appetizer: steamed pork soup dumpling with crab. Very good, but hard to fit as a one shot into the mouth. I made it in two bites. We had three each.

We then ordered pan fried pork dumplings and got four each. Since everything was so tasty we decided to share fried rice w/beef. The two young couples sitting next to us ordered two soups and two other dishes. I never learned how to eat noodles with chopsticks. Next time when we get noodle soup and I will try!

Overall a great place for great food. There was an influx of Caucasians at about 2:00PM. We left shortly after that.  Coincidence?  You tell Mee! 😉

— Norman

[Mee Magnum:  What do you think of the new by-line of Norman’s reviews, “The Norman ConQuest”?  Catchy?  Corny?  Sound off in the comments down below]

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  1. Guess I have to try them. Btw, have you tried the Dragon a Express in Douglaston right by the Douglaston train station yet? Just ask for Winnie Ng, the owner, and she will ensure you get a fabulous meal. Tell her I sent you. I have never, never been disappointed. If you like lomein, as for their “little spicy” lomein, and their spicy sesame cold noodles, chicken/broccoli with garlic sauce….oh heck everything is delish. Remember it’s a take out place!

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