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When In London, Go To Chinatown (Of Course)

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The following guest article, was submitted by Richard Brody, aka Mee Rich Yee.  

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On a recent trip to England and France, my wife (a.k.a. Mee Pee Wee C) and I found ourselves with no set plans (very unusual for us) on a Thursday, until later in the day. Since we are perennial early risers, we ate breakfast at our hotel, and proceeded to aimlessly walk around and see what we might stumble upon. Of course, we eventually landed in London’s Chinatown.


Chinatown in London has a very familiar feeling. It has the same narrow streets, lanes and alleys we often notice in Chinatown in places like New York (Manhattan and Flushing), Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, etc. Lots of small stores and shops, a rather typical array abound. At about 11:30, I began getting hungry for lunch, and so we wondered around seeing what might seem interesting, and attract our eyes and appetites. However, nearly all the restaurants there don’t open until noon (or later), and we were glad when we noticed one open, and rather busy, at about 11:45 AM. Called simply as The London Chinatown Restaurant, we entered and were greeted professionally and in a friendly manner, by the hostess, who immediately seated us.


London Chinatown Restaurant

the-london-chinatown-restaurant-interiorSince I have temporarily reverted to my Low Carbs lifestyle, I opted for beef dishes, including Satay Beef, Spare Ribs, and Pepper Steak with Onions (which I ordered, and got, dry sautéed). My wife’s eye was attracted to their Dim Sum menu, ordered four different varieties, and was pleased with the taste, presentation, quality, and selection. Prices were quite fair (especially by London standards), and we knew we made the right choice, not only based on our own experiences, but also by the fact that the place was frequented predominantly by locals (who were obvious regulars).


London’s Chinatown at Night

Just goes to show – nearly everywhere you travel, you can almost never go wrong with my personal Comfort Food, Chinese Cuisine!

Mee Rich Yee  nee Richard Brody

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  1. This sounds wonderful. Going to London again sounds wonderful, but I don’t see a trip mentioned in fortune cookie. But if I should find myself across the pond, I will have to give it a try.

  2. I went to London in 1992. We also had chinese food there. I was surprised to have to pay for rice and tea. is that still the case?

  3. You know, I’ve been to London quite a few times and walked past that arch a couple of times, but never entered Chinatown proper.
    Next time… 😉

  4. Certainly one of my favorite contributing authors to this great site

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