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All About Chinese Food: Understanding the Culture

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The following guest article, was submitted by Carol A Torres.  

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Chinese people consider their cooking as an art instead of a craft like most people. They believe that their food symbolizes a sense of social interaction. The normal tradition of cooking Chinese food is made with lots of grains, vegetables, meats, and other starches. The Chinese people feel that eating Chinese food means that the stomach must be content in order for everything else to be content.


In a Chinese home knowing your table manners is a must. These manners show respect for the elderly and more for wiser adults. It is a part of their culture and beliefs. Another part of their culture is to prepare the food and present it in an artful way. They not only enjoy their cooking for others, but they have fun doing so. The Chinese are very friendly when it comes to meeting and greeting people. They love to make others feel at home and a part of their family as well. Chinese food has become one of many famous cultural foods that everyone loves and enjoys around the world. It shows that the Chinese people have an appreciation for their food and are grateful to have guests who enjoy their cooking.

Chinese Culture

The Chinese culture has always been taught to hunt and fish for their own foods, grow their own crops, and cook for centuries. It was later that they made Chinese cooking an art. Unlike most cultural dishes, Chinese food is very low in calories and fat. Many people are inspired to cook Chinese foods because of this as they make it their business to add these special dishes to their home meals.

People love Chinese cuisine because of the taste and the way Chinese people use lots of vegetables and natural spices to cook a variety of different dishes. Cooking Chinese foods is not at all that difficult. All you need is some of the natural spices, noodles, and or rice, and the proper utensils or cookware. The best cookware to use for cooking Chinese foods is called the Wok. The wok is very easy to use, but very difficult to maintain if you do not know how to care for it properly.

Chinese people have taken it upon themselves to treat food with respect. Many people who experience Chinese cuisine, can understand the Chinese culture and their love for life-based on the way they cook. They always say that you can understand and learn from another culture and their ways of life through their cooking. Like many cultures, the Chinese express their love for life and spiritual being through their different foods and respectable hospitality. The Chinese always make others feel like they are at home through their greetings, cooking and contagious warm welcomes. It is a pleasure to know that Chinese people express lots of love through their cooking and culture.

By Carol A Torres, a Chinese food enthusiast.

Article Source: All About Chinese Food: Understanding the Culture

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