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“F” is for Flushing #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

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F-AtoZChallenge Flushing!  And no, I’m not referring to all the bathroom pictures that I always post on Twitter of every bathroom in every Chinese restaurant that we review.  THAT bizarre phenomenon can be traced back to ancient and heraldic times, when our great fore-father was anointed by the Queen of, umm, Queens, as Sir Flushalot.  Hence my strange obsession of taking bathroom pictures in every Chinese restaurant.  The rest, they say, his History… we at least it was HIS-story, and he’s sticking to it!  Please, no comments now about the toilet paper stuck to my foot.  I thought I handled that with poise, grace and panache.  But, it would explain too, my favorite fortune cookie, “May your life be like a roll of toilet paper… long and useful”.  But, I digress.

And I bet you thought “F” was going to be for Fortune Cookie.  Close.  But, no fortune for you this time!  But, you’re fortunate to have StumbledUpon this post, because we’re going to tell you what our favorite (another “F” word!) Chinese restaurants are in Flushing, NY.  Apparently, I digressed (or regressed) too far, and got stuck on Fortune Cookies.  Let’s get back on the throne, err, subject.

Flushing, as in Flushing, NY

A Brief History of Flushing, NY

Chinese-food-FlushingThomas Crapper did NOT invent the modern flush toilet.  However, The Chinese Quest “discovered” Flushing, New York in 2013.  What we found was that there are so many great Chinese restaurants and Chinese food to be found in Flushing.  Now this is really no great secret to those New Yorker’s who love their Chinese food, and it really wasn’t a surprise either to us.  It was just that The Chinese Quest wasn’t founded until 2013.  However, the history of Flushing goes much further back than our discovery.

In the early 20th century, a subway line was added to connect Manhattan with the area, and apartment buildings replaced larger houses. This also helped to increase Flushing’s resident population. Later in the 20th century, an surge of Asian immigrants came to Flushing. In the mid 1990′s downtown Flushing, which is centered on Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue, has become an area for commerce, with a vast array of Asian banks and businesses, and LOTS of Chinese restaurants! Chinese immigration, and residence, in Flushing has almost doubled in the last two decades.  And the number of great Chinese restaurants in Flushing, luckily for us, increased at an exponential rate.

Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Flushing

Here is a list of some of the best Chinese restaurants that we have reviewed in Flushing, NY.  Click on the name of the Chinese restaurant to read our complete review of each restaurant:

  • Joe’s Shanghai – This is a real authentic Chinese restaurant.  The kind we Quest for.  No sugars and sweeteners to go with the tea.  No fried noodles to munch on.  No spareribs on the menu (Heaven forbid!  What were we to do without our staple for comparative purposes??).  Joe’s Shanghai has a few different locations, including one in Chinatown, one in midtown, as well as in China and even Japan.  But, it all started at this very location in Flushing, NY.
  • Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant – We truly had a meal fit for Kings there, and we were treated like Royalty.  From the moment that you see Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant you feel like you’re walking in to some place special.  The place was immaculate.  The service meticulous.  The waiters attentive.  And, the bathrooms were the best I have ever seen (UGH, darned genetics!).
  • Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant –  A Cantonese Chinese restaurant that you’ll surely want to put on your must try list.  My favorite dish was the five pound lobster in garlic and ginger sauce.
  • Spicy & Tasty – Fireworks!!  Sparklers!!!  And that was just in our bellies.  I swear I ripped a new hole in my lower intestine.  Spicy!  And yet, very very tasty.We were treated to a plethora of spicy dishes that were served up with solemn grace and humility that left our mouths agape, perhaps begging for water… but, for sure begging for more!
  • Lake Pavilion – When you want to have a memorable occasion or event, or put on the Ritz, whether it be to impress clients or family, this is the place you want to go.

What other Chinese restaurants can you recommend that we review in Flushing, NY?

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)



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  1. Hey, one day I may find myself in Flushing and need this guide.
    Let me write down these places 😉

  2. Would you believe if I told you that I have not been to a single good Chinese restaurant in US. Never found one. Sad, considering Chinese is one of my fav cuisines. I guess all the good ones are in NY.

  3. Oh, i envy all those great restaurants in the nearby area. I used to have a friend who lived in Flushing, but I never met her there when I was in town. She always came to me, so I missed out on the opportunities to find any of these Chinese eateries. I’ll add them to my list to visit when (if) I get back to NYC.

    • Rene, The Chinese Quest insists that you come visit NYC soon! And you’ll be our guest for real authentic Chinese food and join us on a Quest and be a guest reviewer!

  4. I’m still laughing about the toilet pictures. Actually not a bad idea since I’ve heard it said that you can judge a lot about a restaurant by the way they maintain their restrooms.

    I would have never made an association between Flushing, NY and Chinese restaurants but then again I’m never in Flushing. Now I know. If I’m ever in that area I’ll start craving Chinese food.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host

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