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Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac Sheep Traits & Personality

Chinese Zodiac Sheep Traits and Personality

Pure-hearted spirits, these folk never seem to age. There is something young, optimistic and generous about Sheep. Even so do not think of them as merely “sheep” – the people born under this Chinese sign have amazing resiliency and steadfastness that goes down the roots of their wool. The key thing that holds sheep back is that they are followers. ...

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Chinese Zodiac Rooster Traits & Personality

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Traits and Personality

Rooster people are movers and shakers! They have a dream and the courage to pursue it, even if it seems improbable. Open-minded and confident most Roosters experience a profound level of success in life, even though people in their own circle can’t often grasp their vision. Roosters are not born, they’re self-made and highly driven. Like a laser beam, they ...

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Chinese Zodiac Snake Traits & Personality

Chinese Zodiac Snake Traits and Personality

In Chinese tradition, Snake represents the primordial wisdom that lives deepest in our souls. Those born in The Year of the Snake have ties to that information in part because of their unearthly psychic skills. It takes a shield of iron to keep a Snake perceptions out of your aura. In fact, good luck with that. Both being serpents, Chinese ...

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