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A Wok on the Wild Side – A Review of Sushi Republic in New Hyde Park

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I fell for the flashing neon sign that announced “Chinese Food”.  Until we were seated, I didn’t notice that there was also a large selection of Japanese food and also sushi.  But, that being neither here, there, or to the far east… Mee Wen Dee, Mini Mee, and Mee, ventured to the easternmost region of New Hyde Park to try this newly (again!) opened restaurant, Sushi Republic.

Sushi Republic, New Hyde Park New YorkSushi Republic is at 3365 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, next door to Iceland Ice Skating Rink and Temple Tikvah (Do you think that’s an accident that they opened a Chinese restaurant next to a Synagogue?  Mee thinks not!  It’s all about location, location, location!)

Since I moved to New Hyde Park just over three years ago, it’s at least the third restaurant to occupy that location.  The last one served Korean food.  I can’t even remember the name.  But, I do remember that it was NOT good.  Not that there’s anything wrong, per se, with Korean food.  But, hey, it was next to a JEWISH synagogue.  HELLO!  This IS The CHINESE Quest for a reason!!  Needless to say, it didn’t last long.

Sushi Republic on the other hand, I believe IS going to make it.  First of all, there’s the Chinese food.  Secondly of all, and most importantly, it WAS good!  First impressions count a lot.  The restaurant was full when we got there.  A very good sign.  There weren’t too many Asians present… not a good sign.  But, it was a Saturday night, AND it was right next door to the Synagogue.  Umm, need I say more?

The interior of the restaurant was very inviting… very Asian looking.  A huge sushi bar as you entered.  A gorgeous huge fish tank (which could have used a filter/water change).  Some nice oriental woodwork, and a few private party areas.  I never did check out the bathroom.  I will have to rectify that next time.  Yes, there will probably be a next time.  Though, not a trip for the Mee’s, since it wasn’t a PURE Chinese restaurant, but a trip to enjoy a lovely dinner.  My only “complaint” was that the wait staff wasn’t the friendliest (it seemed) in the world.  But, I will attribute that to the fact that they spoke very little English.  They did make up for it by giving us a free California Roll.  It was quite good too.

As I mentioned earlier, Sushi Republic had only recently opened and as a Grand Opening special they had a Lobster Special.  On the menu it’s listed as “Market Price”.  But, until October 31st, it is ONLY $9.95 (limit one per table).  You could either order it with Ginger and Scallion, or Salt and Pepper.  If they advertised this grand opening special I didn’t see it.  And if I did, I’m sure we wouldn’t have waited this long to try Sushi Republic.   We opted for Ginger and Scallion.  I wish I took a picture of this dish.  A picture would not have done this dish justice.  It was THAT good!

We also ordered Hong Kong Pan Fried Noodles with Shrimp.  Most delicious.  Large, succulent shrimp (eight) served with baby corn, snow peas, and zucchini, served in a birds nest of pan friend noodles.  It was YUMMY!

Steamed Pork DumplingsMini Mee can vouch for the steamed pork dumplings (“Gyoza” on the menu).  In fact, he liked them SO much, that he had TWO orders!  And he polished them off in no time.  I think he couldn’t wait to try the fried ice cream!

We ordered two dishes of fried ice cream.  And Mini Mee polished his off, while I shared the other with Mee Wen Dee.

Due to the fact the Lobster was a Grand Opening special, and they gave us the free California Roll, the bill was very reasonable.  I would also be remiss if I didn’t tell write that they don’t serve Mai Tai’s.  The wine, however, was good.  And they do have a large selection of Sake at all price points.

Again, though not Quest-worthy, it was a highly enjoyable meal, and a nice change of pace when one takes a break from The Quest once in a while.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum   (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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