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Chinese Food Around the Clock

Another Aspect About Chinese Food

What Meal(s) Are the Right Ones?

I was never I Love Chinese Foodone to conform to the concept that one eats only breakfast food in the morning, etc. Perhaps the first company to recognize (or at least acknowledge) the fact was White Castle, who decades ago used an ad campaign with the slogan, “White Castles for breakfast? Why not?” Maybe that’s another reason that I enjoy that gourmet cuisine as much as I do, also. Yet, I have come to adapt that same philosophy to when I eat my Chinese food!!

Coo Coo ClockSince many Chinese restaurants serve such generous – sized portions, me and Mee Pee Wee C have often taken home the leftovers. Combine that with how often one orders Chinese food to go, and there has often been lots of leftover Chinese food in my house.

Those who might adhere more to the time of day approach might consume dishes like Egg Foo Yong and noodle and rice dishes. Personally, I enjoy whatever is left over, because if I liked it in the first place, I’ll enjoy it in the morning, as well.

When Mee Pee Wee C and I go out on our boat in the morning, as we enjoy doing, what could possibly be better than to have some Chinese food for lunch. And, one can enjoy it either cold or hot, so if I want it warmed up, I nuke it briefly in the microwave – otherwise, cold is fine! We just did exactly that this past Sunday, and it was a perfect lunch after a very early 9 holes of golf, followed by some breakfast, and then a two hour boat ride, climaxing (perhaps that’s not the best term, but close!- Remember the scene in When Harry Met Sally) in some Chinese leftovers for lunch.

Of course, one can eat it as a mid- afternoon snack or early supper, a dinner, or a late night snack. So, in addition to everything else that it offers, it is amongst the most utilitarian, useful and multi–functional of one’s delights.

Loosen up, and eat your Chinese food any time a day! You may just get used to it, and be telling others. Or, we can always keep it our little secret.

But, of course, that’s just my opinion (perhaps NOT so very humble, however).

Mee Rich Yee   nee Richard Brody

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