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The Best of Long Island

The Chinese Quest was just nominated for the “2014 Best of Long Island Web Awards“!

If you like our unbiased Chinese restaurant reviews, and you love our articles on Chinese and Jewish culture, and our wit and wisdom, not to mention our modesty, please click on the banner below and vote for the Chinese Quest as the best website in the Food and Drink category of the 2014 Long Island Web Awards contest.

And if you really really love us, you can vote for us EVERY day!   In fact you can be really sneaky and vote each day from all your devices.  You can vote on your cell phone, your computer, your tablet, your work computer, your children’s computer, their cell phones, and your co-workers computer (when they’re away from their desk, of course… or show them The Chinese Quest, and perhaps they’ll become loyal minions too!).

What will willing the 2014 Best of Long Island Web Awards to do for us?  It will give us even more credibility.  It will give us clout.  And it will give us swelled heads (Moishe, order some larger yarmulke’s at once!).

But serious, it was really exciting, and quite an honor, for us to be nominated for this very prestigious award in only our second year of operation, and first full year of operation.  Today we can conquer Long Island.  Tomorrow New York State!  In 2016 perhaps the entire Internet, and eventually to infinity and beyond!!   Umm, it’s really a good thing that we’re so humble.  And very modest.

Not only do we want your vote, we also want your feedback.  How can we make the Quest better?  Can you suggest new Chinese restaurants for us to review?  Of course you can!  Can you come up with new article ideas?  We know how creative you are!   Can we count on your vote?  Can we buy your vote?  We will!   Only if we can pay wholesale prices!  After all we want a LOT of votes.  So, we should get a bulk discount.  As well as the family and friends discount.

So, do we have a deal?  To vote for us, please (we beg you) go to 2014 Best of Long Island Web Awards page and click on the thumbs up icon.  Do it now.  Do it again tomorrow.  Do it until you’re satisfied!  And please tell your friends.  We’re not ashamed of begging.  Please?

By the way, voting ends September 1, 2014.

VERY humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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