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What is the Chinese Quest?

What is the Chinese Quest? The Chinese Quest is a website dedicated to reviewing Chinese restaurants and exploring Chinese cuisine in the United States, especially in the Long Island and New York City areas.

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The Best of Long Island

2014 Long Island Web Awards Nominee

The Chinese Quest was just nominated for the “2014 Best of Long Island Web Awards“! If you like our unbiased Chinese restaurant reviews, and you love our articles on Chinese and Jewish culture, and our wit and wisdom, not to mention our modesty, please click on the banner below and vote for the Chinese Quest as the best website in ...

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Happy 1st Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to Us!   It was one year ago today that the Chinese Quest was born!   Happy 1st Birthday to Us!   For over one one-hundreth of a century, The Chinese Quest has been bringing you unbiased reviews in our Quest to find the best Chinese Restaurant on Long Island (and NYC)! We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading ...

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It is ALL About the Reviews!

Critical Acclaim Lest you thought we lost our focus, please allow me to straighten you out. Our mission is, and always will be: What started humbly as five friends gathered for a night out, has grown to a quest. A Chinese Quest. Follow along as five hungry Jewish guys search for THE BEST Chinese Restaurant on all of Long Island! What do Jews like? ...

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