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It is ALL About the Reviews!

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Critical Acclaim

Lest you thought we lost our focus, please allow me to straighten you out.

Our mission is, and always will be:

What started humbly as five friends gathered for a night out, has grown to a quest. A Chinese Quest. Follow along as five hungry Jewish guys search for THE BEST Chinese Restaurant on all of Long Island!

What do Jews like? A bargain AND Chinese food!

It started innocently enough. Now it’s become something bigger than even their appetites. Or, has it?

So, follow along and let’s see where their journey takes them in their search. They welcome your suggestions and feedback. And if you’re lucky enough, perhaps they’ll ask you to join them on one of their crusades!

So pack your chop sticks, we’re about to hit the road!

It’s ALL about the Reviews.  We know!


Mee’s can’t live on Chinese food alone, nor afford to eat out every night at a Chinese Restaurant.  We’ve been posting a new Review on average once every three weeks.

In the interim, we’ve been sharing some memories, some insights, and we even sprinkle in some humor (just wait ’til we start lampooning ourselves!  Is that a chopstick, or are you lampooning yourself?  Or, just happy to see us? 😉 ).

So, just so you know, as if you didn’t already know, you can ALWAYS find all of our Reviews in one neat and convenient place.  On the Menu bar (or the Menu drop down box… just hover your mouse over it in the upper right hand corner), click on Reviews and you will find all of our Reviews on that page.  And soon, we will be adding a Rankings page so you can compare and contrast our Reviews.

We will have another Review for you in two weeks or so.  Until then, stay hungry my friends.  I know I am!

–Mee Magnum (“Chop! Chop!”)

P.S.  Please Follow us on Twitter too at http://twitter.com/thechinesequest

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