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The Chinese Quest Inquisition!!?

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“We’re Heeeeere!”

When we walk in to a restaurant, we go in unannounced.  No one knows we’re coming.  That’s one of our methods of surprise.  And they sure don’t know what we’re up it.  We’re performing our own covert inquisition of sorts.

Now that we’ve built up your trust and loyalty, we’re going to offer you this little behind the scenes look at how we operate.  While this video is merely a parable of our methods and techniques it will give you and insiders view of our methods.

If you’re a restaurant owner, prepare yourself… because no one expects The Chinese Quest (inquisition).

We ask only one favor, please do NOT share this post, this video, or even mention it to anyone you know.  For, we wouldn’t want to lose any of our elements of surprise.

For your eyes only:

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  1. So where are the best restaurants on LongIsland? Im also a Lonsman who would kill for great Chinese food. Please please give up your stash of restaurants so I can get my fix!!!!

    • Good evening Candy,

      Thank you for contacting The Chinese Quest.

      Let me preface my reply by stating the obvious. Some people like their Chinese Spicy and some like it mild. And there’s six degrees on between.

      That said, our ratings are in a master list, that you can sort by rating, cuisine, location, and more. Even Jew Appeal.

      You can click on the menu item “Rankings”, or go to https://www.thechinesequest.com/best-chinese-food-long-island/

      You can sort the table on any column. There’s a scroll bar so you can slide over to any column. If you’re viewing on a smartphone, you may want to view the page in landscape mode.

      There is also an interactive, color coded map, where the colors are indicative of our rating. The legend is on the page You an zoom in, move around, and clicking on one of the placemats will bring up a link to our review.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to ask any questions or offer suggestions as to other Chinese restaurants to review.

      Which is your favorite Chinese restaurant?

  2. BTW, these methods of interrogation and coercion have proven quite effective on obtaining the secret recipes from some of our favorite Chinese restaurants. Or, perhaps I’m just being delusional, and dreaming when I wrote this.

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