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The Chinese Quest Inquisition!!?

“We’re Heeeeere!”

When we walk in to a restaurant, we go in unannounced.  No one knows we’re coming.  That’s one of our methods of surprise.  And they sure don’t know what we’re up it.  We’re performing our own covert inquisition of sorts.

Now that we’ve built up your trust and loyalty, we’re going to offer you this little behind the scenes look at how we operate.  While this video is merely a parable of our methods and techniques it will give you and insiders view of our methods.

If you’re a restaurant owner, prepare yourself… because no one expects The Chinese Quest (inquisition).

We ask only one favor, please do NOT share this post, this video, or even mention it to anyone you know.  For, we wouldn’t want to lose any of our elements of surprise.

For your eyes only:

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  1. BTW, these methods of interrogation and coercion have proven quite effective on obtaining the secret recipes from some of our favorite Chinese restaurants. Or, perhaps I’m just being delusional, and dreaming when I wrote this.

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