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Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re in a Great Chinese Restaurant

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Everyone loves Top 10 lists. Neat and concise. Easy to read and to digest (like good Chinese food!). The problem was boiling (stir frying?) all the reasons why you know that you are in a great Chinese restaurant in to just 10. There are far too many. I’m sure an hour after I publish this list, I will think of at least half a dozen more that could have made Top 10 list. If not, I know I will be hungry again so I will stop by my favorite Chinese restaurant and a few new ideas will undoubtedly pop in to my head.

Without further ado, here is my Top 10 list of reason you know that you’re in a great Chinese restaurant.

You know you’re in a great Chinese restaurant when:

top-10-list10 – All the workers are Chinese

9 – There is a separate Chinese menu

8 – There are no chow mein noodles on the table

7 – There are no forks on the table

6 – There’s a line out the door

5 – They don’t offer take-out service

4 – Diners are eating unidentifiable dishes

3 – You don’t get fortune cookies for desert

2 – All the patrons are Chinese

1 – You read the review in The Chinese Quest

Do you have others you would like to add to the list? You’re more than welcome, and we more than encourage your feedback. In fact, we will even beg for it. What are some of the things that YOU look for when you seek out a Chinese restaurant? And what is it that they deliver (no pun intended) that would make you recommend that Chinese restaurant to your friends, and make you want to go back again. And again.

And, if you’ve found a great Chinese restaurant that The Chinese Quest hasn’t reviewed yet, please let us know!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum (“Chop! Chop!”)

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