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[Guest Review] King Yum, Hillcrest

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Guest Review of King Yum

Welcome to King Yum

Revisiting King Yum, Decades Later

This is another guest review submitted by Mee Rich Yee, who’s becoming quite a regular contributor to The Chinese Quest.  This is a review of King Yum in Hillside Queens.  I love the look of the restaurant, and I love reading Rich’s articles.  There’s a link at the bottom of the article to read more of his other writings, and also just do a search on his name to see all the articles that he’s written (hint:  click on his name above!)

Several weeks ago, on our way to attending the Big Apple Circus in Cunningham Park, on Union Tpke in Queens, on a rainy and dreary evening, my wife and I decided to hopefully enjoy some Chinese Food at a restaurant that we had probably not visited in over 20 years. King Yum, located at 181-08 Union Tpke in Hillcrest (or is it Jamaica, or Flushing, or Fresh Meadows, has been in the same location for many decades, and appears to continue to have a flourishing business.

Umbrella DrinksIt is a classic neighborhood establishment, including serving the tradition “Oriental” alcohol beverages that get served in cute glasses with little flags, etc., sticking out. While priced moderately, it surprised me somewhat that it was more expensive than my neighborhood places in Port Washington. There’s nothing terribly surprising or unusual about their menu, and the food is tasty (but not exceptional). They still serve soup from a large bowl that you ladle, thus somewhat overly filling up on the soup.

King YumMy wife and I decided to have one of the Family Dinners, because that is what I remembered from years ago. For about $20 per person, we each got lots of soup, the traditional Egg Roll, an Entrée and Dessert (ice cream, sherbet, or jello).

The service was quite attentive, and most of the waiters appeared to have worked there for MANY years. While clean and neat, little appeared to have changed from how I remembered it a few decades ago. As Paul Simon said, “Everything looks worse in black-and-white” (of course on another version he said “better”).

While I would not go out of my way to have dinner here, if I was in the area, I would probably go back, because I’ve always been a sucker for nostalgia and some Wonton Soup. While adequate and fine, it certainly did not fulfill the continuous quest for great Chinese food!!

Of course, this is just my opinion . . .

Mee Rich Yee nee Richard Brody

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