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Chinese Food in the Suburbs – The Classes or Options

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Chinese Food in the Suburbs

Since so many of us who were raised somewhere within the boroughs of New York City, we were often raised on there being nearly as many Chinese restaurants as there were bagel shops.  Just as many bagel shops have evolved (unfortunately, generally not for the better!), we experience an evolution(?) in Chinese restaurants in Long Island.  Generally, they fall into the following classes or options: Take out; Neighborhood types (some good, some not); Fancy / upscale (some good; some just pricy); and the Chains.  So, what do we do to find good Chinese food in the suburbs?

New GardenNeighborhood: In my lifelong quest to seek great tasting, quality Chinese food that did not require getting a second mortgage to pay for, I have eaten at many of these.  Many were just so – so.  But a few are actually good carnations of the types of restaurants I’ve sought.  One that should be recognized for providing good variety, good quality, and good tasting food is New Garden on Main Street in Port Washington.  While, this place deviates from only having Chinese food, by also having a Japanese menu, as well as some fusion – type dishes.  Both their Sushi, as well as their Chinese menu are first class, at reasonable prices.  For a good meal at a very fair price, try their vision of the old – time Combination plates, that they refer to as Bento Boxes.  They have 2 that should be considered, one at $11.95 and the other at $14.95, that provide great value and taste great!  The higher priced one not only includes the soup, salad, entrée, rice and appetizer of the lower priced one, but also a choice of a glass of wine or soda, plus one Japanese roll (the Shrimp Tempura roll is my personal favorite).

Take Out: While there are many, and some are okay, if I take out, I do so by calling New Garden, and taking out from there. In fact, I believe they do more takeout than eat-in.

Fancy/ Upscale: Pearl East on Northern Blvd in Manhasset has good food, and beautiful presentation, and appears to always be very busy. But they’re pricy and no better quality than a place like New Garden.

PF Chang’s: Just as I cannot see someone going to a chain Italian or pizza restaurant, or bagel shop, when there are so many local quality places, I can’t see paying the price here to go to a chain, simply because it is so attractive. However, this is a matter of personal taste, and you have to decide between atmosphere and how important that is to you. Just as I prefer a simple place in Chinatown to the newer glitzy ones, this is not my type of place.

The bottom line: There are a lot of choices.  Chinese food is a personal choice and taste.  And finding good Chinese food in the suburbs can be quite a challenge.

Only be influenced by what you like and are looking for!

Thank you for allowing me to share my opinion,

Mee Rich Yee nee Richard Brody

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