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Coming Soon: Rankings!!

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First we review them.  Then we WILL rank them!


Currently we have a separate page where all of our reviews are automatically cross-posted.  Now that we are rapidly approaching a scientifically significant sample size of Chinese restaurants in our “test lab”, we will soon be offering a report that will rank the Top 3 Chinese restaurants on not only there overall ranking, but also by each of the six categories that we rate restaurants on.

We have one more restaurant to get under our microscope.  It’s one of the biggies, which is why we’ve been holding off publishing a ranking of our favorite Chinese restaurants.  Once that one has been reviewed, we full like we could officially present our cream of the crop rankings.

Right now, our reviews has produced some interesting ranked results.  But, I don’t want to share our relative analysis until we publish the rankings.

Our next review will be during the first week in July.

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— Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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