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Our latest “crazy” adventure  has taken us to Hunan Dynasty, located at 2993 Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown. Hunan Dynasty is the epitome of “neighborhood” Chinese. Although located in one of the ugliest boulevards in all of LI, once inside, the place was cozy & familiar. The wait staff greeted us warmly. The restaurant was not crowded when we got there, ...

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[Recipe] Low Carb Chinese Chicken and Broccoli

Low Carb Chinese Chicken and Broccoli Recipe

Recipe for Chinese Chicken and Broccoli (Low carb and Gluten free) Let’s start off this series of articles on healthy and low carb recipes with a dish that’s easy to make and the staple of many Chinese restaurants.  Or at least take-out Chinese restaurants.  Now you can make it at home and eat and live healthy.  The only thing missing ...

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What’s the Best Chinese Restaurant in North Dakota?

Lost in North Dakota Do they even have Chinese restaurants in North Dakota?  You couldn’t tell by Mee!  This blog has been up almost 10 months now.  Plenty of time to make a new baby… and plenty of time to reach every other state in the Union.  I can only come to one logical conclusion.  There are NO Chinese restaurants ...

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Through the Twittersphere Comes Fuchsia Dunlop

Twitter Friends When one starts exploring the Twittersphere (if that’s even a word), one never knows what one may find.  And I would definitely recommend that you take a chance some time and follow the Twitter feed of something that catches your eye. And, I did just that the other night, and stumbled upon (that’s another one of those social ...

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What Up New York?

What’s Up Doc? I don’t get it!  We’ve got more followers at this time from the state of California than we do in New York!? Now I know that California does have a large Chinese and Jewish population, but more than New York?? But, this IS a blog about our Quest to the THE best Chinese Restaurant on Long Island. ...

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We Promised You!

And true to our word, construction has begun on our new Rankings page! And now it is published. Check out our Rankings of Chinese restaurants!

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Coming Soon: Rankings!!


First we review them.  Then we WILL rank them! Currently we have a separate page where all of our reviews are automatically cross-posted.  Now that we are rapidly approaching a scientifically significant sample size of Chinese restaurants in our “test lab”, we will soon be offering a report that will rank the Top 3 Chinese restaurants on not only there ...

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I just wanted to take a minute to welcome all our new readers and followers!  Newsday was very good bringing us all this new exposure!  Thank you Newsday! For those of you that are new to us, I’m sure you came here because you heard we are on this magical quest to find the best Chinese Restaurant on all of ...

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We’re Going to Move Soon – Don’t Worry

We’re going to move our hosting service soon.  No, we’re not going in to competition with our restaurants. We’re not going in to the hosting business.  That’s the restaurants business.  THEIR service is still what we’re going to be judging.  It is our WEB hosting that’s going to be going to move to a new company. What does that mean ...

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