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We’re Going to Move Soon – Don’t Worry

We’re going to move our hosting service soon.  No, we’re not going in to competition with our restaurants. We’re not going in to the hosting business.  That’s the restaurants business.  THEIR service is still what we’re going to be judging.  It is our WEB hosting that’s going to be going to move to a new company.

What does that mean to us and to you?  PLENTY!

We’re going to be able to offer more customized posts.  Customized to your needs.  Kind of like a Chinese Menu.  We’ll be able to make choices from not only Column A, but now Column B will be opened up to us.  But, even more important, we’ll be able to order and serve up things that aren’t even on the menu.  We will have complete control to create up our dishes.  All in the name of serving you, our voraciously hungry readers and followers.  Your hunger for reviews and guidance will soon be quenched, with even more delectable offerings.

There will likely be a short service/website outage while we make the switch.  The switch is likely to come in the next two or three days.  It should happen just in time for us to post our review of Yao’s Diner this coming Wednesday evening.

So stay tuned, our chefs are cooking up their new dish.  We know you’re going to love it.

Chop Chop!

— Mee Magnum

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